The Galaxy Rooms are located on the second floor of the Student Union in the south end of the building. The Galaxy Room is one large room that can also be divided into three spaces of equal size or two separate rooms (one larger than the other).

These rooms are best suited for special events such as banquets, luncheons, large meetings, presentations, dinners, dances, fairs, workshops, or other events that might attract a large number of people.

The Galaxy Rooms do not have a standard setup. Tables and chairs may be requested by completing the Request for Galaxy Room Setup Form. The Student Union has 6-foot rectangular tables and 5-foot round tables available for use. The capacity for each room varies depending on how the furniture is arranged.

Please check room availability before submitting a room request.

Room information
One section — 30' X 50' Max. 60 for round tables/meals; 100 for row seating

Two sections — 60' x 50' Max. 100 for round tables/meals: 200 for row seating

All three sections — 90' x 50' Max. 300 for round tables/meals; 350 for row seating

Location: SU 2.602 A, B, C
Suited for: Multipurpose

      No standard setup

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