UNIV 1010

This freshman seminar introduces incoming freshmen to the intellectual and cultural environment of the University and the impact it will have on their lives as students.

UNIV 1010 incorporates:

  • presentations by leading UT Dallas faculty on current research developments
  • small section meetings to discuss these presentations and matters of general concern to UT Dallas freshmen
  • a substantial component of online learning focused on developing the strategies and tactics that will lead to successful careers at UT Dallas and beyond.

This class is required for all first-time college freshmen.

Seminar sections are limited to 20 students per instructor to foster in-class discussion of the seminar topic and the student experience. Seminar instructors will introduce students to the academic expectations of the university and provide the context necessary for success.

Students will be required to attend a series of lectures. These lectures will showcase top academic research at UT Dallas and provide exposure to the University at the beginning stage of the freshman year.

The course is designed to connect students with the resources on campus that will serve essential roles through a career at UT Dallas.

View available UNIV 1010 courses at the UT Dallas CourseBook.