First-Year Leaders

Anita Jacob
Senior from Lewisville, Texas
Major: Biology
Minor: Health Care Studies

Why did you decide to attend UT Dallas?
Having been born and brought up in Dallas, I didn’t feel the need to sever those ties to my family & friends just yet. I needed a school that had enough academic rigor to help me get into Optometry school but at the same time allow me to meet new people and have a great college experience overall.

What do you like about UT Dallas?

As a younger university, change is evident and much more common on our campus by the year. Seeing how much the campus has transformed in the last three years gives me great faith that UTD will soon get the recognition it deserves on all tiers. As a student here, I feel that we have great and unique opportunity to grow along side our university and together aim for a successful future.

List some clubs and organizations you are or have been involved in at UT Dallas.

Alpha Epsilon Delta, POPS, Learn To Be, Alpha Phi Omega

What has been your favorite/best experience at UT Dallas so far?

As a bit of an introvert, I really have a great appreciation for all the people I’ve met on campus in the last three years. I’ve been lucky enough to have formed friendships that I’m sure will extend my time here at UTD, something I believe is hard to come by nowadays.

What did you learn about college life that you didn’t know before?

Everything that you’ve heard about the Freshman 15 is true.

What do you like to do to unwind after class?

Make a hot cup of tea and either bother my roommates or watch an episode of Yugioh or Dragonball Z.

Why did you decide to become a First Year Leader (FYL)?

Freshman year is a unique time in your life where it is acceptable to be curious, confused, and headstrong to do the things that you want in life. Before responsibilities and hard life decisions come into play, this is the perfect year to focus on yourself and think about what you want to do. If I can help freshman realize that and learn more about themselves & UTD, then I’ll feel like my job was well done.

Is there anything you wish you did during your freshman year that you didn’t?

I would have rented textbooks and saved myself a couple hundred dollars. Also, I would have not taken any 8:30 AM classes, with the justification that my high school classes started at that time. It would have saved me a couple lectures of falling asleep with my mouth wide open.
But most importantly, remembering that being a freshman doesn’t count you out of showing interest in officer positions, getting involved in research, or starting your own organization. Don’t let your age/status stand in the way of you want to do. People will respect and respond to your ambition and drive.

What advice do you have for the incoming freshman class?



Updated: August 15, 2012