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Employment and student opportunities:

Our lab has occasional opportunities for qualified undergraduate researchers, graduate students, and post-docs. Interested candidates should contact Dr. Hoyt by email.

Kenneth Hoyt, PhD, MBA, FAIUM
Associate Professor
Department of Bioengineering
BSB 13.929
800 W Campbell Rd
Richardson, TX 75080
(972) 883-4958


Conventional (top) and super-resolution (bottom) ultrasound images of skeletal muscle microvascularity in a mouse hind limb.

Preclinical super-resolution ultrasound image of tumor angiogenesis highlighting the unique morphological features

B-scan (top) and H-scan (bottom) ultrasound images of phantom materials with different sized acoustic scatterers.

BLI (left) and H-scan ultrasound (right) images of luciferase-positive cancer at baseline and after receiving sham or neoadjuvant treatment.

Optical and ultrasound images of a phase-change contrast agent before and after activation (transition) from a liquid nanodroplet to gaseous microbubble state.

Recent Papers

  • Deep learning of spatiotemporal filtering for fast super-resolution ultrasound imaging (IEEE UFFC)
  • Multiscale and morphological analysis of microvascular patterns depicted in CEUS images (Journal of Medical Imaging)