Corporate partners support UTDesign team projects by providing materials, licensing, studio facilities, staff and faculty advisors.  Additionally, each company provides a corporate mentor to meet regularly with the student teams to provide technical and administrative guidance.  The cost for projects are as follows:

  • Engineering projects (two semesters long) – $15,000.
  • Computer Science and Software Engineering projects (one semester long) – $10,000.

This cost covers up to $2,000 for expenses for engineering projects, and $1,000 for computer science.  The faculty advisor and corporate mentor will discuss options for reimbursing costs that exceed these expenses.

Corporate partners are invited to use UTDesign Studio resources when not in use by students, and are invited to all studio events and seminars.  This is a great networking and professional development benefit for students and corporate mentors.

Gifts to Support the Studio

In addition to hosting senior teams, several companies elect to support the entire studio in ways that include:

  • In-kind donations – equipment, parts and services.
  • Naming opportunities – a few opportunities still exist for donors to name labs, conference rooms or classrooms.
  • Competitions – typically using technology from the gifting company.
  • Events – tech talks, seminars, social networking, tech meet-ups, etc.

For more information on how to become a UTDesign Studio sponsor, please contact Rod Wetterskog at 972-883-2182 or by email.