Roles and Responsibilities

The involvement of the company is crucial for the success of the project and the learning process for the student.

Once the company fully commits to work with a team, it assigns a corporate mentor, who serves as the technical point of contact for the team, represents the company’s interests, and assists the team as they work on the project.

To help the team succeed, the corporate mentor must:

  • Mentor the team so students can get a corporate experience.
  • Help the students with new technology used in the company.
  • Guide the team to meet benchmarks.
  • Foster teamwork.
  • Encourage high-quality communication and professionalism.

Previous corporate mentors recommend the following as best practices:

  • Weekly meetings are a must.
  • Weekly reports are very beneficial.
  • Give feedback on reports.
  • Designate one person to be the point of contact, usually the team leader.
  • Hold the team accountable for its schedule.
  • Propose a project doable in 30 weeks (15 for Computer Science).
  • Make sure the team understands the objective.

The Corporate Mentor Guidelines  detail these roles and outline a typical semester schedule.