Faculty and Staff Overview

Every UT Dallas engineering and computer science senior is required to work on a team-oriented capstone project (senior design course). This final project lets them fully engage in the design process as well as use their teamwork, project-management and problem-solving skills. 

UTDesign is a program designed to provide our students with a meaningful experience while working on their capstone project. UTDesign partners with the industry to bring the students the opportunity to work on real engineering problems.

UTDesign projects are proposed and sponsored by companies. Students not only get to work on real world problems, but also get to work in an environment similar to industry professionals.

A UTDesign faculty advisor is a professor or instructor from UT Dallas who agrees to supervise a team of 4 to 6 students working on an industry proposed project. The faculty advisor lends his/her expertise to the project topic and provides guidance to team members as they execute the project. The faculty advisor’s work complements the guidance provided by the corporate mentor.

Advantages of Being a UTDesign Project Advisor

  • Learn what is occurring in industry and possibly have the chance to pursue further research with the company.
  • Interact with engineers from industry and build your professional network.
  • Support a program that builds relationships between the Jonsson School and local companies.
  • Share your specialized expertise as you guide and mentor a team of dedicated, highly motivated students on a realistic engineering project. Some of these students might become your master/PhD students.
  • Support a key program that prepares our students for engineering careers and helps distinguish them from graduates of other universities.