Student Overview

Every engineering and computer science senior at UT Dallas is required to complete a team-oriented capstone project (senior design course). This final project allows students to fully engage in the design process and put in practice their project-management and problem-solving skills. The course gives students hands-on design experience and prepares them for the work world.

UTDesign projects are proposed, sponsored and mentored by companies. Students not only get to work on a real world problem, but also get to work in an environment similar to that of industry professionals.

Each UTDesign team consists of 4-6 senior students working an average of 8 hours a week for 2 semesters (Computer Science offers a one-semester project). The team has the advantage to be coached by two people: a corporate mentor, who acts as the technical point of contact for the company, and a faculty advisor.

During the length of the project the team will:

  • Determine the customer’s needs and find all the necessary specifications and requirements for the project.
  • Research the project and work on preliminary designs.
  • Write a proposal for the company and deliver a preliminary design presentation and report.
  • Work on a final design, prototype, testing and validation.
  • Prepare all project documentation for the company.
  • Prepare a final oral presentation and poster presentation for the UTDesign Expo.


Students working on UTDesign projects:

  • Get exposure to real engineering problems.
  • Gain industry experience.
  • Learn new technology used in the workplace.
  • Get guidance from two experts in the area – a corporate mentor and a faculty advisor.
  • Have opportunities for internships or employment recruitment by company sponsors.