When students agree to work for a UTDesign project, they should

  • Plan to devote ample time to the project. These are real and challenging problems. To solve them, teams can expect to spend a total of 800 hours a semester.
  • Have a flexible schedule. The team will frequently meet with corporate mentors and faculty advisors outside class hours. Plan your schedule accordingly.
  • Communicate regularly with your mentors. Weekly meetings are recommended.
  • Have a plan agenda for your meetings.
  • Be on time, and don’t miss meetings or deadlines. Remember, this is like a 15-30 week interview, and it may land you a job.
  • Work as a team.
  • Act professionally at all times. Students are representatives of UT Dallas when they interact with their corporate mentors.


During the semester, the team will have a set of deliverables that is specific to the project and the department. The list commonly includes:

  • Weekly reports.
  • Project proposals.
  • A preliminary design review.
  • A final design review.
  • The final project report.
  • Prototype.
  • UTDesign poster presentation.