IP and NDA

UTDesign research projects may result in ideas, inventions, creations, developments or improvements that are important to corporate sponsors.  Partners typically secure rights to UTDesign intellectual property by having student participants sign intellectual property (IP) and non-disclosure agreements (NDA). The corporate partner and faculty advisor sign the UTDesign NDA agreement as well.

For Students:

Intellectual Property Agreement (IP) Corporate partners are encouraged to enter into mutually acceptable agreements with the UTDesign students and their teams. This allows them to secure rights to the IP developed during the course of the project. These agreements are to be made between the company and the students.

Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) All students engaged in corporate projects must be aware of and committed to an NDA. Usually, the NDA is incorporated into the IP agreement.  

For Faculty Advisors:

A mutually agreeable NDA, as defined by UT Dallas and your company, should be signed. The UTDesign faculty advisor and department director will facilitate this process by providing a UTDesign NDA. The corporate sponsor is encouraged to review and propose any necessary changes, which must be approved by UT Dallas before all parties sign.