Each engineering team is given a $2000 budget; each computer science team is given a $1000 budget. Teams will be using the allocated budget to order equipment, parts or supplies for their projects.

Before students start shopping, they should read the purchase process document . This document explains the ordering process in details.

Procurement Training Video

After determining your needs, consider any of these vendors or do an Internet search. Complete the procurement form (link to procurement form), forward to your faculty advisor, who will forward the procurement form to UTDesign with their approval. UTDesign will place the order and provide ordering and shipping information to the team.

If you make your own purchase, you will get reimbursed with faculty approval. You will not be reimbursed for tax.

Teams are expected to track expenditures against the budget. In the event the order exceeds the balance, your team will not be able to place another order unless it is approved by the UTDesign program coordinator.

If you need assistance with ordering, please contact Nancy Finch.