Student FAQs

What is UTDesign?

UTDesign is a program that provides our senior engineering and computer science students with a meaningful experience on their capstone project by partnering with industry to bring solutions to real engineering problems. UTDesign projects are proposed and mentored by companies. Students not only get to work on a real company project, but also get to work in a similar environment as people do in industry.

Check out the website for more information, www.utdallas.edu/utdesign.

How do I find general information about student resources?

The best source of information for your UTDesign project is the UTDesign webpage: http://www.utdallas.edu/utdesign/students/resources/ Through that link, you will find all the resources available for our students: reserve a conference room, download a reimbursement form, etc. and a must read document the “Student Guidelines”.

How do I reserve a conference room?

Students can reserve conference rooms online. There are three conference rooms and the Cisco TelePresence room available for reservation.  Check room, time, and availability. Submit the form and a confirmation will be sent if reservation is approved.


When is the UTDesign Studio available?

The studio is available 24×7. To gain entrance to the building after standard operating hours, students may use their comet card with the card reader. Only students enrolled in any ECS senior design course and after passing a set of training courses will be able to access the studio after hours.

Is the machine shop also open 24×7?

No. The machine shop is open Monday-Friday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Students need to be certified to use the machine shop. Please contact Gene Woten, the machine shop manager, for more information on how to use the machine shop.

When is the computer lab open?

The computer lab follows the same availability as the UTDesign studio. Students may access the computer lab with their comet card.

What is the MSC vending machine?

The MSC vending machine provides senior design students with 24/7 access to basic electronic components, cleaning supplies, and other miscellaneous items. Students should request a pin number to the lab manager to access the vending machine.

How do I purchase items for my UTDesign project?

Complete the UTDesign procurement form provided on the website under Students, Forms. The purchasing process is outlined under Students, Overview, Budget. Completed forms are given to the project’s faculty advisor for approval. Projects have a limited budget. Once your order has arrived, you will be notified to pick it up at SPN.

How are project stations assigned?

Each team is assigned a project station for the duration of the project.  Project stations provide teams with work and storage space. Table assignment is done by the course instructor.

How do I ensure the safety of my project essentials?

Each project table in the open lab has space for your project essentials and a unique lock and key specific to your table. Each member may have a key for its assigned project table. Keys must be returned at the end of the semester.

Who should we contact to check out tools from the Machine Shop?

Every time you need help in the Machine Shop or need to check out tools, contact Gene Woten, the FabLab manager.

Do I have access to the printers in the studio?

There is a desktop LaserJets available for students’ use. Follow this link or ask UTDesign staff for assistance if needed.

May students use the plotter?

The plotter is not accessible to students, but they can request a job through UTDesign staff and the cost will be charged against their project’s budget.

How do I schedule a 3D printer job?

Students do not have direct access to the 3D printer. To schedule a job, students need to contact the Machine Shop manager, Gene Woten. Follow this link for more information.

Who do I ask when I have issues with my project?

When faced with difficulties with your project, team, and/or corporate mentor please follow the chain of command in expressing your grievances.

  1. Faculty advisor
  2. UTDesign department director

To find out whom your department director is visit the UTDesign Team page.

Who is the UTDesign staff?

The UTDesign team can be found at http://www.utdallas.edu/utdesign/students/utdesign-team/

All of the UTDesign staff members are located in SPN.