The UTDesign Studio provides more than 30,000 square feet of dedicated space where students and corporate partners can create, innovate, design, build and learn. The studio is housed in the Synergy Park North Center at 3000 Waterview Parkway in Richardson, Texas.

About 500 students will use the project labs, machine shop and innovation areas annually.  A computer lab is available for students working on UTDesign projects.

Additionally, the lab may host engineering student organizations, high school summer camps, and other project-based learning endeavors by underclassmen when it is not in use by the seniors.

Floor Plan


  • Lobby welcome and reception area
  • Sponsor acknowledgment and award center
  • 80-seat seminar room
  • Cisco Telepresence conference room
  • Open project lab – 56 project stations
  • Secured project lab rooms
  • Seven conference rooms
  • Computer lab
  • TI Innovation lab
  • 3-D Printer (build envelope-14 X 10 X 10in)
  • CAD Station
  • Machine shop

For a tour or more information, contact Rod Wetterskog at 972-883-2182 or [email protected].