Congratulations to the UTDesign Summer 2018 Expo Winners

Mechanical Engineering:

First Place – IPA Dryer Optimization/Redesign (Texas Instruments – DMOS5 Manufacturing) – Nancy Chen, Nathan Lammers, Allan Lao, Arye Levi, Diona Pham

Second Place – Torque Controlled Tools (IMI-Hydronic)Mark Bryce, Rohan Deo, Deaunna McDonald, Hongyang Shangguan, Christopher Terrell, Nicholas Wong

Third Place – Development of a System for 3D Printing of Ceramics and Composites (UTD Nano-Bio Lab) – Michael Bianco, Orlando Cervantes, Itsue Hasegawa, Numeriano Quemado, Zachary Sifuentes, Hayden Williams

Electrical and Computer Engineering:

First Place – Thunderstorm Selective Power Controller (UT Dallas) – Susan Elyan (EE), Kevon Bradford (CE), Abigail Malone (EE), Bryant Siegfried (CE), Jason Creel (EE)

Second Place – WallHack (UT Dallas) – Mark Fasolino (EE), Will Cardle (CE), Kevin Rodriguez (CE), Brandon Hernandez (CE), Harrison Post (CE)

Third Place – Smartwear (UT Dallas) – Silvia Arredondo (EE), Malary Brandow (EE), Korbin Kovacs (EE), Michael Martin (EE), Zoe Pesce (EE)


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