Faculty and Staff



Educational Background

Kim Distin, MAT Kim Distin, MAT Program Coordinator and Materials Manager FN 3.308J 972-883-6415 [email protected]

PhD in Philosophy in Science Education, Curtin University, Perth, AU

MAT in Science Education, UT Dallas

BS in Marine Biology, Texas A&M University at Galveston

Teaching Certification(s): Composite Science 6-12

Katie Donaldson, MAT Katie Donaldson, MAT Master Teacher FN 3.410 972-883-6427 [email protected]

MAT in Science Education, UT Dallas

BS in Zoology, Texas A&M University

Teaching Certification(s): Secondary Biology, Secondary Chemistry

Floyd Dorsey, MEd Floyd Dorsey, M.Ed Master Teacher FN 3.410 972-883-2417 [email protected]

M. Ed in Administration, Lamar University

BS in Math Education, HPERD, East Central University

Teaching Certification(s): Mathematics 6-12, Computer Science, HPERD

Bill Gammons, Jr, MAT Bill Gammons, Jr, MAT Master Teacher FN 3.308L 972-883-6444 [email protected]

MAT in Administration Math, Sam Houston University

BA in Mathematics, Sam Houston University

Teaching Certification(s): Secondary Math

Pamela Gossin, PhD Pamela Gossin, PhD Associate Professor Arts and Humanities JO 5.304 972-883-2071 [email protected]

Dual PhD in History of Science and English, University of Wisconsin-Madison

MA in English, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

BA in English and Latin, Math minor, University of Nebraska-Lincoln

 Pam Kirkland, MEd Pam Kirkland, M.Ed Master Teacher/ Induction FN 3.308Q 972-883-4318 [email protected]

M.Ed. in Administration, Concordia University

BA in Microbiology, UT Austin

Teaching Certification(s): Biology, Secondary Life Earth Science, English as a Second Language Supplemental

Hailey King, MEd Hailey King, M.Ed Advisor FN 3.308P 972-883-6485 [email protected]

M.ED in Higher Education Administration, University of Houston

BS in Psychology, Oklahoma State University

Amin Lalani Amin Lalani TI Master Teacher/ Assistant Clinical Professor

UTeach Dallas
Tel 972-883-6451
Fax 972-883-6796

MA in Mathematics, UT Austin

BS in Mathematics, UT Tyler

Teaching Certification(s): Mathematics Grades 6-12

Jim McConnell, Ed.D Jim McConnell, Ed.D Master Teacher FN 3.308B 972-883-2481 [email protected]

Ed.D in Supervision, Curriculum and Instruction,  TAMU Commerce

MS in Psychology/ Physics, TAMU Commerce

BS in Mathematics/ Physics, UT Arlington

Teaching Certification(s): Secondary Physics, Secondary Math, Psychology

Homer Montgomery, PhD Homer A Montgomery, PhD Associate Professor UTeach Dallas Co-Director FN 3.308H 972-883-2480 [email protected] Personal Page

Ph.D in Geology, UT Dallas

BS in Geology, UT Austin

Mary Urquhart Mary L. Urquhart, PhD SME Head/Associate Professor UTeach Dallas Co-Director FN 3.218C 972-883-2499 [email protected]

Ph.D in Astrophysical, Planetary, and Atmospheric Sciences, University of Colorado at Boulder

B.S. in Geophysics, Astrophysics,  New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology

 Kate York, PhD Kate York, M.Ed Master Teacher FN 3.410A [email protected] 972-883-2498

in process: Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction in Science Education, Texas Tech University

M.Ed. in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, The University of Texas at Arlington

B.A. in Biology, Educational Leadership and Policy Studies, Southwestern University

Teaching Certification(s): Principal K-12, Life Science 8-12, Composite Science 8-12, English/Language Arts 8-12; Dance 6-12