Apprentice Teachers

Apprentice Teacher Mentors

Apprentice Teacher Mentors donate their classes for 12 weeks to make sure that our UTeachers have an authentic field experience as they intern in their last semester.  With their guidance and advice, our teachers are able to experience running their own classrooms for the first time.

Thanks for being a role model to our UTeach Dallas pre-service teachers.  They will receive hands-on experience while working with you students that they just can’t get from a book.  You prepare them to meet the needs of students in the real world.  You are shaping the future of science and mathematics education.

Forms and Calendars are listed below:



University Facilitators:

Our University Facilitators visit our Apprentice Teachers weekly in the field.  They are all experienced teachers that evaluate our students while giving constructive feedback and advice that keeps them on the right track.  Monitoring topics from classroom management, to equity in the classroom, to motivational strategies, they challenge our teachers perfect and polish the skills that they have learned in their UTeach Dallas classes.

Thanks for all you do for our UTeach Dallas Apprentice Teachers!


Forms and calendars are listed below:

  • University Facilitator Observation Schedule, coming soon
  • Focused Proficiency Observation Forms
  1. Focused Proficiency Observation: Subject Matter Knowledge
  2. Focused Proficiency Observation: Equity and ILP MERGED
  3. Focused Proficiency Observation: Teaching Preparation
  4. Focused Proficiency Observation: Classroom Environment
  5. Focused Proficiency Observation: Instruction and Delivery
  6. Focused Proficiency Observation: Professional Responsibilities


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