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The UTeach Dallas Program offers teacher certification preparation for middle-grade and senior-grade levels in science and mathematics.  UTeach Dallas will assist students with matching their bachelor’s degree plan with any of the different teaching certification preparation at either the middle or the high school level. All students must take a set of professional development courses in addition to content courses for their desired area of certification. These degree holders will be fully comparable to and competitive with non-teaching degree holders.

 Important information for current UTeach Dallas students

Current Undergraduates or Current Degree Holders Advising 

Talk to a UTeach advisor to plan out your classes for the next semester or all the way through to graduation. Advisors are also available to discuss any concerns or questions you have about the program and can help you find the resources you need to be successful in your academic pursuits.    

Certifications Offered by UTeach Dallas       Tips on the process of getting certification 


Here is the UTeach Dallas Student Handbook  –

pdf- UTeach Dallas Student Handbook (4-18-18)


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Academic Policy 

Academic policies for the UTeach program. These policies apply to all UTeach students.


Descriptions of the courses in the UTeach professional development sequence, from Step 1 through Apprentice Teaching.


Demonstrate that you meet specific teaching proficiencies and exhibit mastery in subject matter knowledge. Get started now!


WeTeach is our student led organization for UTeach Dallas students

Workroom and Inventory

The UTeach Dallas Workroom is a place for UTeach Dallas students to collaborate and use our resources. Learn more about the UTeach Dallas inventory procedures and how to find the right items for your assignments and field experiences.


Internships are available for UTeach Dallas students in Step 2 or higher. Find out more information about positions and details.


Learn about the funding available for those involved in the UTeach Dallas program.


Interested in becoming a UTeach Dallas student?  Prospective Students page