Certifications Areas

Secondary Math, Science, and Computer Science Teacher Certifications Supported

certifications UTeach Dallas offers complete preparation for several different teaching certifications* at both high school and middle school levels. All students must  take a set of Professional Development courses in addition to content  courses for their area of certification. Then the state tests must be passed.

High School Teacher Certification Preparation (grades 6/7-12)

• Mathematics (to teach math only)

Certification preparation plan: MATH_7-12 

• Science (to teach any of biology, chemistry, physics or geology)

Certification preparation plans: SCIENCE_7-12   or for GEOS majors only SCIENCE_7-12 for GEOS

• Life Sciences (to teach biology and other life science courses only)

Certification preparation plans: LIFE SCIENCE_7-12

• Chemistry (to teach chemistry only)

Certification preparation plans: CHEM_7-12

• Physical Science (to teach chemistry and physics only)

Certification preparation plans:  PHY SCI_6-12

• Computer Science (grades 8-12)

Certification preparation plans: Computer Science 8-12


Middle School Teacher Preparation for Certification (grades 4-8)

• Mathematics (to teach any middle school math only)

Certification preparation plan:  MATH_4-8

• Science (to teach any of middle school science including biology, chemistry, physics or geology)

Certification preparation plan: SCIENCE_4-8

*certification is done by the state of Texas. Our plans prepare you to become certified


Information on Certification Preparation for current students