Apprentice Teaching

The purpose of student teaching is to provide to the UTeach Dallas student a culminating experience that is sufficiently rich and deep in the expectations, processes, and rewards of teaching. Because UTeach Dallas students engage in numerous field experiences prior to the student teaching, it is expected that UTeach Dallas Apprentice (Clinical) Teachers assume a teaching role very quickly in the semester and will begin to explore leadership opportunities beyond the classroom (e.g., attending conferences, publications, professional memberships, professional presentations). We have invested heavily in the preparation of each Apprentice (Clinical) Teacher and are committed to ensuring their success as they enter this challenging experience.

Apprentice (Clinical) Teaching at UTeach Dallas is the final segment in the professional education sequence.  Students will complete 14 weeks of supervised apprentice teaching in a local school district during the fall or spring semester.  This cooperative venture between UTeach Dallas and the public schools represents the practical application of the teaching/learning process.

Fall 2017 Apprentice Teachers

Applications for Apprentice Teaching will be accepted before October 1 to teach in the Spring semester, and before March 1 to teach in the Fall semester.  Students who anticipate being eligible should watch the UTeach Dallas bulletin board.



Application: Application for Student Teaching. UTeach Master Teachers will review all applications for Apprentice Teaching.  To be eligible, apprentice teacher candidates must adhere to high ethical standards, exhibit professional maturity, have acceptable class attendance, and meet the following requirements:

  • pass both required TExES exams
  • complete all required professional development (UTeach Dallas) courses with a 3.00 GPA
  • complete all required course work with a cumulative 2.75 GPA
  • have no grade lower than “C-” in any courses in your teaching specialization
  • have no grade lower than a “B-” in your Step 1/2 courses and a “C” in your higher level UTeach courses
  • request a school where no family member works or attends
  • have clear district criminal background check

Students will register with UT Dallas for six (6) semester hours of credit in Apprentice Teaching plus the one (1) hour Apprentice Teaching Seminar.  

Apprentice Teachers Spring 2015 at Graduation Dinner

Apprentice Teachers Spring 2015 at Graduation Dinner

An Apprentice Teaching fee will be included in the total registration charges.  Students must be registered and payment received (installment payment is an option) before beginning Apprentice Teaching.  All professional development courses must have been completed, and it is recommended that NO other courses be taken during student teaching.

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