A passing score on the preliminary portfolio is a pre-requisite for Apprentice Teaching if you began CI by spring 2011. Students without a passing score will not be cleared to register for NATS 4694/6 and 4141.  This pre-requisite is firm and there is no appeal.

The UTeach Portfolio is an assignment through which UTeach Dallas students demonstrate specific teaching proficiencies and exhibit mastery in subject matter knowledge. In building a portfolio, you will select artifacts, like lesson plans and articles, that demonstrate your experiences.  You will also reflect on and analyze those experiences, articulating important concepts in secondary math and science education.

You will be introduced to the UTeach Dallas portfolio in Step 1 and Step 2 (NATS 1141 and NATS 1143).  Every UTeach Dallas course has assignments that fit into the portfolio, so be sure to ask your faculty about it.

  • Start a personal portfolio file on your computer now and SAVE YOUR WORK!

You will create a formal, electronic portfolio and begin to move your collection to it in Project Based Instruction (PBI) – NATS 4341.  You’ll be building the portfolio throughout the program and then submit the whole project for evaluation the semester before you take Apprentice Teaching (NATS 4694/6 and NATS 4141). The more documents you upload, the further along you are!

The documents below provide information about the portfolio project.  If you have questions, talk to faculty for ideas about artifacts, reflections, etc.

Pathway to UTeach Certification_Portfolio Checksheet-2018

Click  at_sem_portfolio_proficiencies-2017 for a complete description of portfolio proficiencies for both the preliminary and final portfolios, along with artifacts, evidence, and more.  The grading rubric used by evaluators can be found on the last page of the document.


Samples of Portfolio Products
Section 1a Teaching Philosophy Sample 1 Pre_Teaching_Phil_Sample_1 


Sample 2 Pre_Teaching_Phil_Sample_2

Section 1b Cover letter Pre_Cover_letter_Sample1
Section  1c Sample Resume Pre_Resume_Sample
Reflection Samples 


Section 3a Diversity

Section 5c Safety