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A Proven Track Record of Training Great Teachers

Any city, state or country with a workforce so comparatively weak in math and science faces a steep decline. That is why UTD’s UTeach Dallas is so vital to the region’s future.

  • The program cultivates students’ interest in teaching by pairing them with master math or science teachers at UT Dallas and giving them experience in north Texas public schools as early as their freshman year.
  • Science and math majors observe veteran educators, and then write and deliver original, engaging lessons beginning their first semester in the program.
  • The compact degree plan allows students to work toward teacher certification as they complete their science or math degree.

With continued support, UTeach Dallas will produce 40 highly-qualified and innovative math, science, and computer science teachers annually for local schools. But to succeed, these aspiring teachers need help from people who believe every Texas youngster deserves a first-rate teacher.


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