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My name is Ayoub Mohammed, and I am a junior studying political science. I am running for SG president on the Labor ticket. The main reason I am running is that, as a former student worker for Chartwells, I saw firsthand the mistreatment and discrimination against international students and felt compelled to act because no one else would. Another reason I am running is that Student Government has remained invisible to the eyes of the average student at UT Dallas. With voter turnout hovering around seven percent and poor visibility, SG is representing itself and not the student body. I am fighting for the rights of student workers, SG visibility, and more transparency at the administrative level. I am not here to pad my resume; I am here to speak for every student and promise to put the interests of the student body over my own.

I am Trevor Schmaeling, a junior majoring in biomedical engineering. As a current Student Government senator, I have had the privilege and opportunity to have conversations with fellow students. I have listened to their issues and concerns. One of those concerns is the feeling that student voices aren’t being heard, and that is why I have decided to run as president on the Tier One ticket. I want to ensure that all students are represented and their voices are heard. Vote Tier One because your voice matters.

I am a senior majoring in neuroscience. Aside from SG, I have been involved on campus with Delta Zeta and Model United Nations, and I am part of the CV Honors College. SG has been a part of my life since my freshman year. I’ve had the privilege of watching the organization grow along with the university, and I have seen firsthand the amazing projects SG does, whether publicized or behind the scenes. As I look back on my time in college, I know that being a part of SG has shaped my experience in developing leadership skills, my communication and teamwork, and introduced me to new friends. I want to give back to the community and SG in the most impactful way by running for president. From serving as both a senator and executive committee member, I am coming into this position with extensive knowledge about the organization and fresh ideas to impact campus and change SG as a whole. I am honored to be running as president and hope to ignite lasting and foundational change that will benefit students for years to come.

My name is Hope Cory, and I’m a rising senior majoring in public affairs. I’m running for SG vice president. As a transfer student, I see the need for better and equal representation for transfer and non-traditional students in Student Government. As a former community college student government president, I want all students to feel like they have a voice. When you vote for Tier One, you are ensuring that your voice will be heard, no matter who you are or the path you took to get to UT Dallas.

Hello Comets, I am a rising junior computer science major, and am currently serving on Student Government as a member of the Legislative Affairs Committee. I work with committees and on projects to make sure that as many students as possible are getting the most out of their experience. Through my work with the Boy Scouts of America, I have dedicated my life to the service of others. I hope to bring that joy into the lives of Comets as your next vice president. Thank you for the consideration, and I look forward to working with you.

As a rising senior in mathematics, I have been involved in SG and CV Honors since my freshman year and Ultimate Frisbee since my sophomore year. I’ve become more familiar with SG as my time at UT Dallas has gone on, and I’ve enjoyed growing along with SG. Much of the work Student Government does is unsung to the majority of UT Dallas’ population. The frustrations of the presidents and vice presidents of the last few years are often clear to casual observers. I want to change that by building a foundation for future, lasting change that makes the president or vice president’s job easier. I want to perform the support role of vice president to its highest potential and pave the way for senators to bring forth their ideas. I want to give back to the organization that has given so much direction to me, keep the passion in new senators alive, and improve the relationship between the student body and administration. Student Government should change as our university does, and I feel I’m in the best position to help make that happen.

Senate Winners

Ticket Information

Any Way You Want It

Any Way You Want It believes in gauging student experience and working with students to put ideas into practice and on projects designed to improve student life at UT Dallas. We bring experience in working for positive change with committees and a work ethic ready to expand students’ relationships with the university. The student body will be heard, and our ticket is ready to listen.

Cometmint to You

The Cometmint to You platform is comprised of current, experienced senators who bring fresh, new ideas and improvements to make UT Dallas the best campus it can be. Current and future initiatives include:

  • A platform for student suggestions, with projects you can track.
  • Increased technological services on campus, including the creation of a virtual reality space.
  • Events that are accessible to all students, where students may voice concerns about problems.
  • Student voice/representation.
  • Mental health and sustainability initiatives to help improve campus life.


While we have different interests and are members of various organizations such as Student Ambassadors, FOCUS, Fraternity and Sorority Life and Athletics, Ignite values that we are students. We all have experience working on Student Government in different committees and executive positions and are passionate about UT Dallas and bringing your ideas to life. We understand SG’s potential and we want to apply that into our platform and our projects. We’re focused on bringing lasting change, including projects in sustainability, mental health awareness, professional opportunities and others that will benefit students for years to come. We want Comets to feel connected by increasing communication and transparency between university administration, SG and the student body. We hope to ignite change, and that first spark begins with your vote.


KuKimber wants to raise awareness for overlooked issues in our community by implementing initiatives that serve the student body. We want to turn concerns and opinions into actions that empower and unite students to strive for change. Our purpose is to get our community more engaged with their school and home away from home, both on campus and off.


The UT Dallas Labor Ticket is a diverse coalition of students committed to labor rights, transparency and student engagement. We believe the most disadvantaged students at UT Dallas are often given the least representation in campus leadership. We want to hold UT Dallas accountable for the mistreatment of student workers and advocate for a less opaque administration. We're fighting to build a university that is more ethical, sustainable and inclusive.

Tier One

Tier One goals include improving student life, increasing transparency, assisting transfer students and ensuring accessibility for all students at UT Dallas. Tier One would like to increase food options on campus, along with exploring new avenues for safety. By working alongside university administration, Tier One aims to tackle issues head on with, sustainable solutions and implementation. Tier One vows to be transparent about their actions, and is determined to have a close working relationship with the student body to best represent all students. With a large portion of the student body being made up of transfer students, Tier One will look for ways to increase resources to assist that population. Finally, Tier One recognizes the need for greater awareness about accessibility and will work closely with the Office of Student AccessAbility to assist them in serving the student body.

United UTD

United UTD includes incumbent and aspiring senators from the schools of BBS, ECS and JSOM. Our ticket centers on transparency and safety. We believe transparency is important not only in Student Government, but also in the inner workings of the UT Dallas administration. With open communication between students and administration, we can bring about needed changes. We plan on achieving transparency by creating a more user-friendly website that is regularly maintained to include current senators, projects, committee reports and senate reports. United UTD also believes students should feel safe. Whether you are expressing your beliefs, hanging out with friends, or walking on campus late at night, you shouldn’t have to fear for your safety. We can accomplish safety by working with the UTD Police Department to ensure that student concerns are properly addressed. SG can help bring about the changes that students find necessary. It is our belief that a United UTD is the catalyst to see through the changes we deserve.