Downloading Files From the Spitfire Image Library

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The following are instructions for downloading files, sometimes in various sizes, from the Spitfire Image Library.

The Download Image Page

The image below shows the page with the full size image that includes captions/descriptions, keywords and links to download the image.

Downloads Image 1

Close Up of Details on the Download Image Page

The image below shows a closer view of the options available when downloading an image from the library.

Downloads Image 2

There are really 4 places you can choose to download a file from on this page.

  1. The word Download to the right side directly below the image - this downloads the exact same size file as clicking on the word Original.
  2. Under the image is the word Original, which downloads the largest file, in this case, a 5.6MB file that is 3,888 x 2,592 pixels. The same size downloaded as clicking on Download.
  3. Under the image is the word Large, in this case downloads a 3.6MB file that is 2,500 x 1,667 pixels.
  4. Under the image is the word Small, in this case downloads a 392KB file that is 800 x 534 pixels.

Note: Not all images in the library will have all these choices available for downloads. If the original was not large to begin with, there may be only 1 size available. The library itself automatically creates the sizes for downloads based on the largest size file it receives.

The next section will go into more detail about using the Favorites feature to save groups of images that you want to look at later or wish to share with others.

If you have questions about anything outlined on this document, please contact University Web Services at extension 4995 or 4994 and ask for Dennis Guten for help with any Spitfire Image Library related issues.

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Updated: December 1, 2009