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UT Dallas Helps Raise $173,695 for Special Olympics Texas

Corporate Challenge 2013 Logo

With music, fun, food and awards, UT Dallas employees celebrated the Closing Ceremony of Corporate Challenge 2013 on Friday, Oct. 18. This year’s effort raised $173,695 for the Dallas chapter of Special Olympics Texas.

After 10 weeks and more than 20 events, UT Dallas finished sixth overall in its division, earning eight gold medals, three silver medals and three bronze medals in competitions ranging from tennis to darts. The University also won first place in its division for the first time ever in the cake competition. UT Dallas’ cake, designed, baked and decorated by Kim Warren, patent administrator with the Office of Technology Commercialization, won for its artistry as much as for its taste. The half double chocolate, half amaretto mango confection mimicked the pinball machine design of this year’s T-shirt, complete with colorful flashing lights.

“It was so much fun to create, bake and put together”, Warren said of her pinball machine cake. “It’s thrilling to win against such tough competition”. By selling raffle tickets and hosting fundraisers at events such as Nickels and Dimes and Ice Cream Sundaes, UT Dallas raised and contributed almost $1,500.

Other winners announced during the Closing Ceremony were:

The Sportsmanship Awards
  • Southwest Airlines
  • The Beck Group
  • Kosmos
The Spirit Awards
  • Concentra
  • L3 Communications
  • NTTA
  • Kosmos
  • Texas Capital Bank
  • Ebby Halliday
  • Pioneer Natural Resources
T-Shirt Contest Winners
  • Division A – BlueCross BlueShield of Texas & Southwest Airlines
  • Division AA – City of Richardson
  • Division B – ISN
  • Division BB – Hilton
  • Division C – Flexjet
  • Division D – Availity
  • Division E – KBM Group
Cake Contest Winners
  • Division A – HP
  • Division AA – MedAssetts
  • Division B – UT Dallas
  • Division BB – ViewPoint Bank
  • Division C – Texas Capital Bank
  • Division D – Kosmos
  • Division E – Mustang Technology Group
  • Grand Prize Winner – Kosmos
Raffle Winners
  • Amanda Varenhorst from Viewpoint Bank
  • Chris Gonzales from Ebby Halliday
  • Grand Prize Winner George Eley from Markit

We Take the Cake!

UT Dallas Wins Corporate Challenge Baking Competition
Cake by Kimberly Warren with help from Patricia Roffe

UT Dallas’ cake, baked by Kimberly Warren, Research Office of Technology Commercialization, with help from Patricia Roffe, Information Resources, followed the T-Shirt design featuring a Seventies pinball machine.

Richard Arduengo and Vanessa Balderrama

Richard Arduengo and Vanessa Balderrama, from the Office of Administration, stood watch over the cake while awaiting the judges who would come by for a taste.

Richard Cuts the Cake; Vanessa Plates

Richard cuts into the cake as Vanessa prepares to receive slices to present to judges and later the public.

First Judges to Try the Cake

This man was the first of several judges to try UT Dallas’ pinball machine cake.

Judges Jot Notes

The judges took their jobs very seriously, jotting down notes after each taste test as Administration Communications Manager Chase York (right) looks on.

Vanessa Balderrama, Tysh Coleman, Alison Bratton, Michelle Long, and Georgetta Oliver

From left: UT Dallas’ Vanessa Balderrama, Tysh Coleman, Alison Bratton, Michelle Long and Georgetta Oliver celebrated during the Closing Ceremony for Corporate Challenge.

Another Judge Enjoys a Bit of Cake

Another judge enjoys a bit of the cake, half of which was double chocolate fudge and the other an amaretto mango blend.

His Face Says It All

His face says it all, yes?

Haywood McNeill, Vanessa Balderrama, and Tysh Coleman

From left: Office of Administration’s Haywood McNeill, Vanessa Balderrama and Tysh Coleman enjoy supporting all things UT Dallas.

Chefs from the Renaissance Hotel Dallas

The last two judges of the evening, chefs from the Renaissance Hotel Dallas in Richardson, take in the sight and smell of UTD’s cake.

Executive Chef David Seacrest

Executive Chef David Seacrest samples the chocolate portion.

Executive Sous Chef Baurak Ozed

Executive Sous Chef Baurak Ozed tries a piece.

The Duo Record Their Marks

The duo record their marks.

Tysh Coleman Collects First Prize Ribbon

Thirty minutes later, UT Dallas is announced the winner of the Corporate Challenge cake contest. Tysh Coleman collected our first prize ribbon.

Golden Ping Pong

Table Tennis Team

UT Dallas men’s team gold winners Hynek Boril (left) and Geunhee Lee (right) and mixed team silver winners Bin Zhong and Gang Liu (inside left and right) enjoyed playing table tennis at the Richardson Civic Center.

Table Tennis Team

Women’s team players Susie Kutchi (left) and Corina Cantua (right) in action. UT Dallas won silver in the sport.

Table Tennis Team

Gang Liu (left) and Bin Zhong (right) congratulate each other after capturing silver medals.

First Down!

UT Dallas Fields

This year’s Corporate Challenge flag football tournament split play time between Huffines Field and the soccer fields at UT Dallas. Division B teams Concentra, TekComms, the North Texas Tollway Authority, Pioneer Natural Resources and UT Dallas, among others, played here Wednesday through Friday with the championship bracket played at Huffines on Saturday.

A Player Leans Forward and Stretches

A player leans forward and stretches to give the football and his team as much forward progress as possible.

A Player Reaches Out and Grabs the Green Flag

A player reaches out and grabs the green flag off a receiver’s waist, putting an end to the play.

A Quarterback Looks Down Field

A quarterback looks down field for an eligible receiver as a defenseman approaches to pressure him.


The UT Dallas Corporate Challenge Golf Team

The UT Dallas Corporate Challenge golf team members are (from left) Ret. Col. David Murchison, a dentist who teaches at UT Dallas and advises in pre-health professions, Jessica Watts, director of corporate giving in the Office of Development and Alumni Relations, Calvin D. Jamison, vice president for Administration at UT Dallas and Lawrence Redlinger, executive director for Strategic Planning and Analysis.

Jessica Watts

Jessica Watts follows the line of her ball after driving on the 18th hole as Dr. Jamison looks on from the golf cart.

Dr. Calvin Jamison

Dr. Calvin Jamison, an avid golfer, believes in the benefits of the game so much he started youth leagues in Virginia to expose kids from the inner city.

Dr. Lawrence Redlinger and Ret. Col. David Murchison

Dr. Lawrence Redlinger (left) and Ret. Col. David Murchison discuss the finer points of the game before hitting the links.

Day at the Races

UT Dallas Was Well-Represented

UT Dallas was well-represented during the Corporate Challenge 5K Run-Walk, which launched from Galatyn Plaza early Sunday, September 15.

Torye Grant, Georgetta Oliver and Tysh Coleman

Torye Grant, Georgetta Oliver and Tysh Coleman (left to right) are geared up and ready to run. Ms. Coleman said it was her first attempt at a 5K run. She came through with flying colors.

Runners Gather at the Starting Line

Runners gather at the starting line of the 5K race. The plaza was full of people who were rarin’ to go.

UT Dallas Finished Fifth

And they’re off… UT Dallas finished the race in fifth place in its division and scored the third most participation points.

Field Warriors

UT Dallas Soccer Team

The UT Dallas soccer team competed on the recently installed fields off Campbell Road. Members include (from left, top) Lindsay Hamm, Cassandra Diaz, Michael Karich, Clark Palomino, Mustapha Ishak-Boushaki, Danny Shen, John Emmett and Arnulfo Saucedo. On the bottom row are players Kelli Davis, Neil Savalia, David Marler, William Old, Shaunqula Wilson and Thomas Files. Missing teammates include Rangon Bhattarai, Courtney Brecheen, Jose Ortiz, Alex Canas and Matthew Sanchez.

Shifting Gears

Blair Flicker, Rafael Martin and Mark Salamasick

Cyclists prepare for the start of the Corporate Challenge 15K bike race from the UT Dallas campus. Among the particpants, from left, are Blair Flicker, Rafael Martin and Mark Salamasick.

Max Miley

UT Dallas master cyclist Max Miley, shown in time trials, finished first among men ages 50 and over as well as first among all bikers based on times.

The UT Dallas campus made a nice setting.

The UT Dallas campus made a nice setting for the start and finish of the 15K bike race.

Heads Up!

Dodge Ball Team

Members of the University’s Corporate Challenge dodge ball team relax and enjoy a few minutes of camaraderie before delving into a series of intense matches. They are, from left, Emily Jackson, David Jackson, Karen Garcia, David Richardson, Ingrid London, Cassandra Diaz, Chris Cody, David Marler, Amber Miles, Steven Duke, Corrina Cantua, Vincente Torres, DeAnn Rose and Neil Savalia.

Team members prepare to hit or be hit.

UT Dallas dodge ball team members prepare to hit or be hit.

David Marler

David Marler of Auxiliary Services takes aim at the opposing team during one of UT Dallas’s Corporate Challenge dodge ball matches.

Home Court Advantage!

Women’s Tennis Champs

Bringing home the gold, Sustainability Manager Thea Junt and Director of Corporate Relations Jessica Watts are Corporate Challenge women’s tennis champs.

Thea Junt

Thea Junt delivers a volley over the net in the gold medal round of play.

Jessica Watts

Jessica Watts prepares to strike back in the Corporate Challenge women’s tennis final at UT Dallas.

Women’s Tennis

Sustainability Manager Thea Junt is among the first people to play and win on UT Dallas’ newly unveiled courts. She and her partner, Development and Alumni Affairs Director Jessica Watts, took game, set and match Monday night against the North Texas Tollway Authority in the women’s first round of Corporate Challenge’s tennis competition Monday.

John Veloria and Stefan Giovan

Molecular and Cell Biology teaching assistants John Veloria (left) and Stefan Giovan brace themselves after serving to opponent CA Technologies during men’s tennis competition of Corporate Challenge Monday night. The UT Dallas men’s team won the match.

Allan and Becky Saylor

Human Resources Coordinator Allan Saylor and his wife Becky respond to a drop shot during their match against Concentra. The UT Dallas mixed team remains in contention for a medal.

Game On!

Children Play in the Fountains

Children play in the fountains at Galatyn Plaza during the Corporate Challenge Opening Ceremony.

Corporate Competitors Line Up

Corporate competitors line up to receive tokens and participate in the Great Walk.

Temoc Makes a Friend

Temoc was quick to make a friend at the Pepsico tent where there were snacks galore.

Tysh Coleman, Debra Boss, Georgetta Oliver and Marita Hawkins

Tysh Coleman, Debra Boss, Georgetta Oliver and Marita Hawkins go on the Great Walk to score points for UT Dallas.

Opening Ceremony Set for August 16

Corporate Challenge 2013 Logo

Ready. Set. Go!

This tailgating party, set for 5:30 p.m., Friday, Aug. 16, will kick-off 10 weeks of friendly competition known as Corporate Challenge.

Filled with food, fun and drinks, the presentation of colors and the national anthem, the lighting of the torch and Special Olympian Events, there will be plenty to do.

Throw in the Great Walk and a few other activities and you have the ingredients for earning your company the Spirit Stick and a chance to win the coveted TAILGATE AWARD! And don’t forget: UT Dallas gets Corporate Challenge points for each Great Walk participant. Come celebrate and enjoy these opening festivities with fellow UT Dallas staffers, and let’s show our competitive spirit. Game on!

Lining up to donate and eat sundaes.

Lining up to donate and eat sundaes.

Left: Signing Up; Right: Tasty Incentives.

Left: Signing Up; Right: Tasty Incentives.

Students and staff lined up to donate their change to the Special Olympics on Thursday, August 1st at the Visitor Center (VCB) Atrium, in another Corporate Challenge sign-up event. If you missed it, you can still send in a 2013 Sign-Up Sheet (PDF [Portable Document Format File] ).

Corporate Challenge Sign-Up, June 27

Dr. Jamison, Justin Barnes, and Judy Barnes

Right to left: Dr. Jamison, Special Olympian Justin Barnes, and Justin’s mother Judy encourage the crowd to participate.

Justin and Mrs. Barnes enjoy snow cones served up by Karen Garcia.

Left to right: Justin and Mrs. Barnes enjoy snow cones served up by Karen Garcia.

Pizza, Cookies, and Snow Cones

Pizza, cookies, and snow cones were provided as attendees signed up.

Faculty and Staff Members Signing Up

About 100 faculty and staff members signed up to compete.

UT Dallas’ first Corporate Challenge sign-up event of 2013 was on Thursday, June 27, from 11 a.m.-1 p.m., in the Student Union Mall. If you missed this opportunity, another sign-up event is planned for August 1.