2017/09/01: Dr. Iungo has been awarded by the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative to investigate Transport of Aerosolized Oil Droplets in the Marine Atmospheric Boundary Layer through LiDAR measurements. (link)

2017/12/16: Congratulations to Said El-Asha and Vignesh Santhanagopalan for receiving their M.Sc. in Mechanical Engineering with theses in Wind Energy.

2017/10/10: A photo of our LiDAR experiment in North Texas is on the cover of the Wind Energy journal! (link)

2017/08/11: Dr. Iungo has been awarded by NSF CBET Fluid Dynamics to investigate through LiDAR measurements Very-large-scale motions and their interactions with utility-scale wind turbines link

2017/05/05: Congrats to the VertiFlow team for winning the UTD Design award 2017 as 3rd best project! Well deserved guys after one year of hard work to design and build a vertical axis wind turbine for wind tunnel testing.

2017/04/02: A special issue on the XPIA experiment is now published in the journal Atmospheric Measurement Techniques (link)

2017/03/13: April 20th 2017, 2:30 pm at ECSS 3.503 Osborne room, Dr. Araya, Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering at University of Houston, will deliver a talk in Mechanical Engineering seminar series of the University of Texas at Dallas (link). The title of the talk : “Vortex dynamics in vertical-axis wind turbine wakes”

2017/03/09: The WindFlux lab published in the Phil Trans A  issue on ‘Wind energy in complex terrains’(link)

2017/03/08: The XPIA BAMS paper is online now (link)

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Welcome to WindFluX

Cover of the Wind Energy journal Volume 20, Issue 11, November 2017 (link)

The main goal of the research in the Wind, Fluids, and eXperiments (WindFLuX) Lab is to improve our understanding and ability to predict the interaction between turbulent flows and the environment, with emphasis on power harvesting through optimal devices, and wind energy. Our investigations are typically performed through a synergistic interaction between field experiments with our mobile wind LiDAR station, wind tunnel experiments, numerical and theoretical modeling.

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