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Description of the Course

Writing short stories open a window of discovery for readers and writers alike. Writers undoubtedly discover things about themselves as they write, but they must contain themselves within the grammar of their stories if readers are to discover any ďtruthĒ in what they read. This course is designed to help writers produce fiction filled with discovery, not only for themselves but also for their readers.   

Course Requirements
               No previous experience in fiction is necessary for this course.
               Class participation and attendance are required and will be reflected in the final grade.
               During the course of the workshop, in addition to tests and other assignments, students will be expected to write a three-page story (
SEE SHORT STORY GUIDELINES), double-spaced. Font: Times New Roman, Size: 12pts. STAPLE IT.
50% Final Short Story
20% Participation
20% Quizzes
10% Homework

Housekeeping a la Fidel Castro

1)      No make-up exams.
2)      Donít be late.
3)      Donít come to class if you are not prepared.
4)      Participation is essential.
5)      Take notes at all times.
6)      In case you miss class, you must catch up and show up prepared the next time. You are responsible for the assignments and for the material you missed. Get other studentsí phone numbers and emails.
7)      It is easy to differentiate the work that has been written one hour before class from the work that has been carefully rewritten. Write every day (even if you only have half an hour). Donít wait until the last weekend because it shows. 
8)      All work must be typed. (Font: Times New Roman or equivalent. Size: 12pts)
9)      No work (two or more pages) will be accepted if it is not stapled.
10)  Keep a copy of all assignments you turn in.

A+ 98-100
A 94-97
A- 91-93
B+ 88-90
B 84-87
B- 81-83
C+ 78-80
C 74-77
C- 71-73
D+ 68-70
D 64-67
D- 61-63
F 60 or less













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