Larry P. Ammann

Professor of Statistics
Department of Mathematical Sciences
University of Texas at Dallas
Box 830688
Richardson TX 75083-0688

Phone: 972-883-2164
Fax: 972-883-6622
e-mail: ammann 'at' utdallas 'dot' edu


  • Ph.D. in Statistics, Florida State University
  • M.S. in Statistics, Florida State University
  • B.A. in Physics, Florida State University
  • Stress-buster: photographing wildlife. See more of my nature photography here.
  • Hobby: viewing the splendors of the skies.

  •    See new splendors every day at APOD (Astronomy Picture of the Day).

    Spring 2019

  • STAT 3355 Statistical Methods for Statisticians and Actuaries (PDF version of class notes)
  • STAT 4355 Applied Linear Models (PDF version)

  • The following article appeared in the Spring, 2010 issue of The Connexion, published by the Department of Mathematical Sciences, University of Texas at Dallas. It presents the problem of judicial decision-making from the perspective of statistical hypothesis testing.
    Reasonable Doubt

    The following are Beamer LaTeX PDF files for a talk I presented at the April, 2018 general meeting of the Texas Astronomical Society of Dallas. They are best viewed using Adobe Reader. An earlier version of this talk appeared in the Spring, 2010 issue of The Connexion.
    Measuring Our Universe, Part 1
    Measuring Our Universe, Part 2

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