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R functions

See help pages for detailed descriptions of the functions used in this section.
barplot(): construct bar plots for categorical variables.
pie(): construct pie charts for categorical variables.
title(): add titles to an existing plot.
par(): set graphical parameters.
scale(): center and scale each column of a numeric matrix.
margin.table(): obtain margin totals for an array of frequency counts.
mosaicplot(): mosaic plot for 2-d frequency table.
assocplot(): plot deviations from independence for 2-d frequency table.
hist(): histogram for continuous variables.
pairs(): plot on one page all pairwise scatter plots of multivariate data matrix.
mtext(): add text to margins of an existing plot.
plot(): generic function for plotting. The type of plot produced depends on the type of data specified by its arguments. names(): returns or sets the names of a vector or data frame. The names of a data frame correspond to the column names of the matrix.