Group members

Julia Chan - Professor, Principal Investigator

Professor Julia Chan (B.S. in Chemistry, Baylor University; Ph.D., University of California at Davis) began her faculty appointment at Louisiana State University in Fall 2000, after spending two years as a National Research Council Postdoctoral Associate at the National Institute of Standards and Technology in the Materials Science and Engineering Laboratory. She then moved her research group to the University of Texas at Dallas Fall 2013. Her research interests involve synthesis of materials that exhibit metal-to-insulator transitions, mixed valence, highly correlated electronic systems, superconductivity, and materials for energy conversion. Efforts are placed on the crystal growth, structures, and properties of new materials. Prof. Chan has published over 130 papers and given over 100 invited talks. She has graduated 16 Ph.D. students and has mentored over 30 undergraduates in her laboratory. Prof. Chan’s awards include NSF Career Award, American Crystallographic Association Margaret C. Etter Early Career Award, Baylor University Outstanding Alumni Award, Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship, Iota Sigma Pi Agnes Fay Morgan Award, American Chemical Society Exxon Mobil Faculty Fellowship in Solid State Chemistry and one of 12 Profiled in 2002 C&E News series on “Women in Chemistry”, highlighting women making an impact in the chemical sciences. She is currently an associate editor of Science Advances and is serving on the Editorial Advisory Board of Chemistry of Materials.

Iain Oswald

Graduate Student
B.S. & M.S. Chemistry, 2010, 2013
University of North Texas

Steve Deese

Graduate Student
(joint with Prof. Garno, LSU)
B.S. Chemistry, 2012
George Mason

Katie Benavides

Graduate Student
B.S. Chemistry, 2014
Auburn University

Lance Green

Graduate Student
B.S. Chemistry, 2015
University of Texas at Dallas

Thomas Martin

Graduate Student
B.S. Chemistry, 2014
California State Polytechnic University of Pomona

Alexander Brown

Graduate Student
B.S. Chemistry, 2015
Colorado Mesa University

Meagan Coffer

Graduate Student
B.S. Chemistry, 2016
Trinity University

Alex Mowery-Batnij

Graduate Student
B.S. Chemistry, 2015
The University of Texas at Tyler

Joe Burnett

Undergraduate Student
Physics and Mathematics

Anthony Samuel

Undergraduate Student

Keaton Barron

Undergraduate Student

Parker Kirby

High School Student

Former group members

Former Ph.D. Advisees

Robin Macaluso, December 2004
Willa Williams, August 2006
Evan Thomas, December 2006
Jasmine Millican, May 2007
Dixie Gautreaux, August 2008
Jung Young Cho, December 2008
Edem Okudzeto, December 2009
Kandace Thomas, December 2010
Brenton L. Drake, December 2011
Melissa C. Menard, December 2011
William A. Phelan, May 2012
Michael Kangas, December 2012
Devin C. Schmitt, May 2013
Gregory Morrison, August 2013
Bradford W. Fulfer, August 2013
LaRico J. Treadwell, December 2014
Pilanda Watkins-Curry, August 2015