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Translations of Cornelia's Letters I-X

Report on International Conference on "The Della Rovere in the Italy of the Courts," Urbania, Italy, September 1999

Letters from Italy, 1997, 1998, 2001

During the summer of 1997, I made my first trip to Urbania from my base in Rome to find out whether there were local archives for my research on Cornelia Collonello and her family. There were, and that summer I made three trips to this lovely town, as well as one to Florence. On the basis of that introduction, I spent September and October of 1998 in Urbania, immersed in small-town Italian life along with the dusty notaries’ books of the archives. In November, I moved to Rome for two months. During both trips, I composed rather lengthy e-mail essays for friends and family at home, which had the added advantage of serving as a kind of journal. I include some of them here for local color and the chance to add some photographs.

Letter from Urbania, 27 June 1997

Letter from Florence, 13 July 1997

Letter from Urbania, 26 July 1997

Letter from Urbania, 21 September 1998

Letter from Urbania, 5 October 1998

Letter from Urbania, 17 October 1998

Letter from Rome, 29 November 1998

Letter from Rome, 26 May 2001

Letter from Urbania, 18 June 2001