Comet Card


Manage your Comet Card

Log into GET, a secure portal, providing students, faculty and staff with online account management capabilities. The GET portal is available on both desktop and mobile web browsers. Features of GET include:

  • Add UTDollars: Make real-time UTDollars credit card deposits.
  • View accounts linked to your Comet Card ID: UTDollars and meal plans. Account balances are displayed in real time.
  • Check transaction history: Transaction history is displayed for up to the past six months. Information displayed for each transaction includes date and time, location, account, type of transaction and transaction amount.
  • Report lost card: Log onto GET to report a lost card, immediately removing all spending privileges from the card.
  • Get My Card: allows card holders to use their meal plan or UTDollars, only at Dining Hall if they have lost their Comet Card.

To make a UTDollars deposit or view your account history please click HERE.

For Guest Deposits

You can add money to a student's Comet Card via the GET portal.