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(August 17, 2011) Students give to scholarship fund in lieu of birthday gift for professor.

(April 5, 2011) Space Summoned 'Elite Scientists' featuring Alumnus James Reilly
(AAPG Explorer)

(April 5, 2011) 2011 Department Newsletter

(March 11, 2011) UT Dallas Quake Experts Watching Events in Japan and Region

(June 7, 2010) NS&M Names Geosciences Prof Outstanding Teacher

(January 21, 2010) Haiti Events Offer Insight, Chance to Help

(Jan 13, 2010) Ancient Volcanic Eruptions Still Taking Lives

(December 7, 2009) A Conversation With Robert Rutford

(November 2009) UT Dallas Geophysical Consortium at SEG 09

(March 27, 2009) Announcing the George McMechan Student Support Fund

(March 12, 2009) Geosciences Grad Students Showcase Research

(March 6, 2009) GeoNews Department Newsletter Volume 1

(February 2, 2009) Professor Journeys Once More Into the Deep

(August 25, 2008) New Geosciences Dept Head Leads Field Research in Western USA and Southern Italy

(August 22, 2008) Spring '09 Geological Society of America meeting will be hosted at UT Dallas

(July 15, 2008) Researchers Link Kidney Stones to Climate Change

(July 15, 2008) University of Idaho Geologist to Head UT Dallas Department of Geosciences

(July 11, 2008) Graduate Student Earns Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) Scholarship

(June 18, 2008) Researchers Plan Voyage Near Bottom of Sea

(June 5, 2008) UT Dallas Geology Students Find River Water is Better Than Bottled - At Least in the Rio Gallinas

(May 18. 2008) UT Dallas, Louisiana State University, & Univeristy of Idaho Professors Provide Rapid Response to Image Large Texas Sinkhole

(April 22, 2008) Kusch Lecture to Study 3-D Imaging of Energy Resources

(April 21, 2008) Geologist Will Give a History Lesson on Dallas

(January 22, 2008) U.S. Coal Panel Taps Expertise of Dr. Finkelman

(January 16, 2008) With Moon Dirt in Demand, Business is Booming

(January 15, 2008) Geoscientist Finds Surprise Hidden in the Pacific

(November 14, 2007) Announcing the James L. Carter Scholarship Fund

(June 11, 2007) Former President Robert Rutford Named President Emeritus at UT Dallas

(June 8, 2007) Geosciences Research Professor Dr. Finkelman invited to be a keynote speaker at Environmin 2007 Conference, in South Africa

(June 4, 2007) UT Dallas Lecturer Develops Earth Science Training Program for Elementary School Teachers

(April 29, 2007) Geosciences Students Find Human Skull

(April 10, 2007) Our Changing Greenhouse: The Importance of CO2 (Public Sigma XI Lecture)

(April 9, 2007) Geosciences undergraduate Alex Biholar answers 'Why geology?' in Modest Proposal

(April 6, 2007) New Research Suggests Tidal Motion Influences Flow of The Rutford Ice Stream

(March 27, 2007) UT Dallas Geosciences Student Wins SCAUG Student Competition

(March 18, 2007) UT Dallas Geosciences Student Receives 'Best Poster' Award at the AAPG/SEG Student Expo

(March 6, 2007) Antarctic Peak named for Robert Rutford, UT Dallas Professor, Former President

(February 15, 2007) UT Dallas Geoscientist Stern to Help Lead International Field Conference in Egypt

(December 11, 2006) UT Dallas Geosciences Department Founder Passes Away

(July 11, 2006) UT Dallas Geoscientist to Present Findings At 1st International Snowball Earth Conference

(June 13, 2006) UT Dallas Geoscientist Helps Convene Wyoming Conference on Plate Tectonics

(May 25, 2006) UTD Scientist Co-authors Nature Paper Describing Undersea Volcanic Eruptions

(April 26, 2006) Seven UTD Faculty Members Win $584,000 In Texas Advanced Research Program Awards


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