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  • Dr. Francesca Filbey, associate professor in the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences studies the long-term effects of marijuana on brain structures where changes are related to age of onset and duration of use. read more

  • It's ATEC Crowdfunding Month! Click on the following links to fund these projects: Creative Disturbance | Blue Highway | InnerSpace | Up in the Sky, Down on the Ground - and onscreen! read more

  • Dr. Gagan Wig and his colleagues examined how brain networks are composed of segregated sub-networks that mediate specialized functions in young and older adults. read more

  • Dr. Alex Piquero, Ashbel Smith Professor of criminology, said he and his fellow researchers were motivated by the lack of scientific literature on distinguishing people who will commit homicide from those who will not. read more

  • Dr. Jiyoung Kim (left) and Dr. Kyeongjae “K.J.” Cho examine a wafer used to make transistors. The two created new technology that could reduce energy consumption in mobile devices and computers. read more

  • Dr. Ignacio Pujana, a senior lecturer in the Department of Geosciences, made two dives to the Mariana Trench as part of the expedition in July. The team used a three-person sub dubbed Shinkai 6500, which can dive to depths of about 6,500 meters. read more

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UT Dallas Research spotlights the work of Dr. Elena Katok, professor of operations management.

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