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  • Dr. Andrea Warner-Czyz studied how 6-month-olds distinguished between speech sounds. Through cochlear implant simulations, she found that infants process speech differently than older children and adults. read more

  • When heated, the devices can change shape and still maintain their electronic properties. These biologically adaptive, flexible transistors might one day help doctors learn more about what is happening inside the body, and stimulate the body for treatments. read more

  • As computer science graduate student Mathew Gray walks across the stage, his name and degree are projected on the video screen. A group of students developed the feature for their senior design program project. read more

  • Drs. Tobey and Geers of the School for Behavioral and Brain Sciences will work with researchers from the Washington University School of Medicine on a multi-year project sponsored by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders. read more

  • Congratulations to the 2014 Undergraduate Research Poster contest finalists. From left, Third Place: Ardalan Noghabi, Second Place, Haris Vakil, First Place: Michael Lau and Ridwan Haseeb. Participants highlight the work they did as Undergraduate grant recipients. read more

  • Dr. Andrea Fumagalli (left) and students stand inside a communication system. Dr. Fumagalli, of the OpNear Lab, has been chosen to lead a subset of an international collaboration to create the computer network architecture of the future. read more

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UT Dallas Research spotlights the work of Dr. Julia Chan, Ph.D., professor of solid state and materials chemistry.

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