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Mathematical Sciences
University of Texas at Dallas
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Richardson, TX 75080

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+1 972 883-4617
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I am a Tenure-Track Assistant Professor in the Department of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Texas at Dallas. I joined UT Dallas on September 1st 2013, before this I was a group leader at the Basque Center for Applied Mathematics (5-year contract started Sep 2012), a Humboldt Research Fellow at the University of Cologne (2-year contract started Jan 2012), a Marie Curie Fellow (2-year contract started Oct 2008) and Teaching Fellow (2 year contract) at Imperial College London , a Junior Researcher at Voronezh State University (from Jun 2006).

I received my PhD in Mathematics from Voronezh State University in 2006 on the thesis "Topological Methods in Malkin-Melnikov problems on periodic perturbations of autonomous systems" under the supervision of prof. M. Kamenskii. During my Master course (2004-2006) I took advantage of a 10-month research training in the University of Siena hosted by prof. P. Nistri.

Research Funding as PI

Student Supervision

Workshop Organization

Teaching Experience

Beginning Fall 2013 I lectured undergraduate courses MATH 2413 (Differential Calculus), MATH 2417 (Calculus I), and MATH 2420 (Differential Equations with Applications), please click UTD coursebook for details of my past and current teaching.

Furthermore, I developed a new graduate course MATH 6327 that I lectured in UTD in Spring 2015 (as topics course) and in Spring 2017. The lecture notes are available here.

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My teaching before joing UTD can be summarized as follows: