Peter Lewin

Clinical Professor, Finance and Managerial Economics

School of Management, University of Texas at Dallas


 Ph.D. Economics, University of Chicago, 1979. Thesis chairman: Gary Becker

Thesis topic: The Economics of Apartheid                                            

 M.A. Economics, University of Chicago, 1974.

 B.A. with Honors, Economics, University of the Witwatersrand, 1971 (first class).

 B.A. Economics and History, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, 1969.


 1973-1974 Hillman Fellowship, University of Chicago

1974-1976 Knight Fellowship, University of Chicago.


Clinical Professor, Finance and Managerial Economics Fall 2006 -

Senior Lecturer - University of Texas at Dallas, Summer 1996 – Summer 2006

Adjunct Professor of Economics - University of Dallas, Fall 1992 - Summer 1996

Visiting Assistant Professor of Economics - University of Texas at Arlington, September 1984 - May 1986.

Assistant Professor of Economics - University of Texas at Dallas, January 1979 - June 1984.

Lecturer in Economics - Graduate School of Business Administration, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, January 1976 - September 1978.

Lecturer in Economics - Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, Fall 1973 - Fall 1975.

Junior Lecturer in Economics - Graduate School of Business Administration, University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg, South Africa, June 1971 - September 1972.


Graduate and Undergraduate

Money and Banking

Economic Principles (Micro and Macro)

Government Regulation 

Entrepreneurship and Business Organization


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Popular Press

1.       Free-Marketeers Should Welcome Regulation? The Freeman, October 2009.

2.       Recycling Discredited Ideas The Freeman, April 2009.

BOOK REVIEWS in the South African Journal of Economics, the Southern Economic Journal of the  History of Economic Ideas, Review of Austrian Economics and The Quarterly Review of Austrian Economics.

Working papers:

The Capital Based View of the Firm, 2010 (with Howard Baetjer)

Planned projects and work in progress.

“The Ethics and Economics of Illegal Immigration”

“The Ethics and Economics of Child-Adoption”



CRITERION INCORPORATED, April 1991 - July 1992.

Senior Consultant - Market development of labor market and personnel related software. General consultation for labor market situations.

COMPUSA (previously SOFT WAREHOUSE), March 1986 - March 1991.

Senior Vice President and founding shareholder. Performed a variety of administrative duties for this $600 million a year company (currently over $2.5 billion) - including design of communications systems, payroll, personnel, cash control, credit management, moves and changes, etc. Most recently, developed and administered a company wide training program for new and existing employees.


Consultation in the design of analysis for Title VII litigation and affirmative action affected class analysis. Economic damage calculation in lost profit, wrongful death and personal injury situations. Testimony in Federal District Court.

PLANCO, INC., Economist, 1979 - 1980 (A Government Contract Research Consulting Firm)

Provided part time assistance in the areas of econometric methods, demographic analysis, human resources, labor economics and macroeconomics.


Consultant to this major British oil company in South Africa in the building of an econometric model for forecasting the quarterly sales of their main product lines.


Consultant to this large conglomerate in South Africa in the building of a comprehensive econometric model for five of their divisions. 1977 - 1978.




 Evidence given to the Commission of Inquiry into South Africa's Monetary Policy (the De Kock Commission) 1978 and 1980.

Paper presented to the Standard Bank Conference on South Africa's monetary policy, “On Floating Exchange Rates,” September 1978.

Paper presented to AISEC South Africa Conference, “Black Trade Unions for South Africa?,” June 1978.

Radio interview on “Foreign Investment in South Africa,” with the South African Broadcasting Corporation, June 1978.

TV appearance on panel discussion of “Science Technology and the Future,” South African Broadcasting Corporation, March 1978.

Paper presented to the Foreign Policy Study Foundation, Inc. (of the Rockefeller Foundation) on “The South African and International Economy,” for the Study Commission on U.S. Policy toward Southern Africa, New York City, September 15, 1979.

 Paper presented at SUNY Binghamton, “Perspectives on the Cost of Inflation,” November 1979. Presented also at New York University (March 1980) and the Southern Economic Association (November 1980).

 Participant, Institute of Humane Studies Seminar on Monetary Institutions, New York City, November 1980.

Organizer, Institute of Humane Studies Seminar in Modern Austrian Economics. Paper presented on “Austrian Economics and the Problem of Inflation”, University of Texas at Dallas, April 1981.

Paper presented at the Institute of Humane Studies Seminar “The Role of Subjectivism in Modern Economics,” on “Austrian Aspects of Monetary Theory and Inflation,” University of Chicago, April 1981.

Paper presented to the Western Economic Association, “Denationalization of Money,” July 1981.

Participant, Liberty Fund Seminar, “Austrian Analysis in Current Research,” paper on “Austrian Aspects of Monetary Theory and Inflation,” June 1982.

Paper presented to the meeting of the Southwest Social Science Association, “Reconceptualizing Statistical Discrimination,” with Paula England. Spring 1982.

Discussant, Cato Conference, “The Search for Monetary Stability,” Washington, DC, January 1983.

Participant, Liberty Fund Research Seminar on Austrian Economics, Paper on “Subjectivism, Rational Expectations, and Economics,” August 1983.

Paper presented to workshop of the American Statistical Association on “The Use of Experts and Statistics in Legal Proceedings”, Toronto, August 1983.

Paper presented at the American Economic Association on “The Rise and Decline of Nations: Comment on Mancur Olson, Dallas, December 1984

Paper presented at the Southwest Social Science Association on “Rational Expectations and the New Classical Macroeconomics'“ Houston, March 1985.

Presentation to the Alliance of Christians and Jews on “South Africa: The Tragedy of Apartheid,” Dallas, March 1985.

Paper on “Free Banking and the Stability of Money”, Economics Seminar University of Texas at Arlington, February 1985.

Paper on “Equilibrium and Time, Hayek after 50 Years”, Economics Seminar University of Texas at Arlington, February 1986.

Paper on “Hayek and the Austrian Monetary Tradition”, Southwest Economic Association, March 1988.

Paper on “Knowledge, Expectations and Capital: the Economics of Ludwig M Lachmann” New York University, September 1992.

“Comment” on Out of Work seminar in Washington D.C. for the Center for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship, September 1993

“Entrepreneurship for the Twenty First Century” Reihnardt College, Waleska, Georgia, February 1994.

“Change and Capital Structures” paper presented to the Program on Social and Organizational Learning, George Mason University, March 1994.

Murray Rothbard on Interest and Capital,” Southern Economics Association, November 1995.

“Capital and Change”, NYU workshop December 1995.

Southern Economic Association, participant and/or panel chair, 1996 - 2010.

Treasurer, Society for the Development of Austrian Economics, 1996 – present.

President, Society for the Development of Austrian Economics, 2000.

Liberty Fund Seminar, the economics of W. H. Hutt, Chattanooga TN, 2003.

Mont Pelerin Society meetings, 2003-2004

Liberty Fund Seminar, Buenos Aires, Argentina October 2004..


Address: 7708 Queens Garden, Dallas, Texas 75248, email: [email protected]

Phone:  Office (972)-883-2729 fax (972)-883-2799 Home (972)-960-6924 fax (972)-960-6926

Date of birth: 02/03/48, Married, four children, two grandchildren.