Graduate Courses at The Edith O'Donnell Institute at UT Dallas

Graduate courses at the O’Donnell Institute draw on our scholars’ broad-ranging areas of specialization, and focus on artworks and other research materials held in Dallas-Fort Worth collections.

Olowe Of Ise (Nigerian, 1875 - 1938), Kneeling female figure with bowl (olumeye) c. 1910–c. 1938, Dallas Museum of Art, The Eugene and Margaret McDermott Art Fund, Inc., 2004.16.McD. Image courtesy Dallas Museum of Art

Courses at The O’Donnell Institute are taught by respected and insightful faculty in the Dallas area.

See the UT Dallas Graduate Catalog for further details.

Spring 2020 Graduate Courses

  • AHST 6311 Domestic Space on the Roman Bay of Naples
  • AHST 6316 Early American Material Culture
  • AHST 6322 Data-Driven Art History: Rome as an urban socio-cultural system from antiquity to today
  • HUAS 7380.002 Advanced Topics in Aesthetic Studies: Dada and Surrealism

Fall 2019 Graduate Courses

Fall 2019 Art History courses offered at UT Dallas.

  • AHST 6310 Topics in Art History: It, She, He: Gender and Identity in Art from Romanticism to the Molecular

Summer 2019 Graduate Courses

  • AHST 6310 Ancient Art in American Collections

Spring 2019 Graduate Courses

  • AHST 6310 Topics in Art History: The Global Baroque
  • AHST 6321 Topics in Global Art Histories: Art and Architecture of the Islamic and Mediterranean Worlds
  • AHST 6322 Topics in Data-Driven Art History: From Warburg to Deep Learning

Fall 2018 Graduate Courses

  • AHST 6301 Foundations I: Practices of Art History
  • AHST 6302 Foundations II: History of Materials and Techniques
  • AHST 6320 Topics in the History of Collecting: Early Modern Europe
  • AHST 6323 Topics in the Histories of Art and Science: Bauhaus