Dr. Sarah K. Kozlowski

Associate Director, The Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History (Acting Director 2018-2019)

Director, Center for the Art and Architectural History of Port Cities, Naples

Sarah K. Kozlowski earned her BA in Art History (summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa) from Wheaton College, her MA from Williams College/The Clark Art Institute, and her PhD from Yale University.

Focusing primarily on fourteenth- and fifteenth-century Naples, her research asks how paintings and other artworks figure their own condition of mobility, and how the materials of painting generate meaning. These and other questions are explored in “Circulation, Convergence, and the Worlds of Trecento Panel Painting: Simone Martini in Naples” (Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte 78:2, 2015) and “Toward a History of the Trecento Diptych: Format, Materiality, and Mobility in a Corpus of Diptychs from Angevin Naples” (Zeitschrift für Kunstgeschichte 81:1, 2018).

With Benjamin Lima she co-curated the two-part exhibition John Wilcox: Diptychs and Polyptychs at The Wilcox Space and co-authored the accompanying catalogue of the same title (Boston: The Ioannis Project and Dallas: The Edith O’Donnell Institute of Art History, 2018).

Forthcoming are “Stone, Paint, Flesh: Fictive porphyry exteriors in a group of panel paintings from Angevin Naples," “Matter and Meaning in Piero della Francesca’s Legend of the True Cross,” “Jan van Eyck’s Saint George and the Dragon between Bruges and Naples,” and a co-edited issue of Predella on new approaches to fifteenth-century Naples.

Current projects include a book on the materialities and mobilities of panel painting in trecento Naples and a book on court diptychs in fourteenth-century Europe.

In spring 2019 she will present papers at the annual conference of the Renaissance Society of America and at the Centre for the Study of Medieval Art at KU Leuven.

Dr. Kozlowski joined the O’Donnell Institute in February 2015. She heads both the fledgling Center for the Art and Architectural History of Port Cities (a partnership between the O’Donnell Institute and the Museo e Real Bosco di Capodimonte) and The Wilcox Space, a site for the exhibition and documentation of the work of painters in Dallas and Fort Worth. Every fall she offers a graduate seminar in the O’Donnell Institute's Master’s Program in Art History.

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