The University of Texas at Dallas School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences


Reseach Labs

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Aging and Memory Research LaboratoryL. Tres Thompson


The Bilingual Language LaboratoryRaúl Rojas

The Blackberry Project — Marion K. Underwood, Robert A. Ackerman


Cellular and Synaptic Physiology LabSven Kroener

The Child Language and Cognitive Processes LaboratoryJulia L. Evans

Children and Families LabMargaret Owen

The CHildren and Infant Listening Laboratory (CHILL)Andrea D. Warner-Czyz

The Close Relationships and Health LabHeidi S. Kane

The Cognitive Neuroimaging LabGagan S. Wig

Cognitive Neuroscience of Aging LabKaren M. Rodrigue

Cognitive Neuroscience Laboratory of MemoryJohn Hart

Cortical Plasticity LaboratoryMichael P. Kilgard

Couples Daily Lives StudyKaren J. Prager

The Culture & Affective Neuroscience Lab (CANLab)Jiyoung Park


Development of Social Cognition LabNoah J. Sasson

Developmental Neurolinguistics LaboratoryMandy J. Maguire

Discourse Studies in Aphasia and Normal Aging LaboratoryHanna K. Ulatowska


Face Perception Research LaboratoryAlice J. O’Toole

Family Research LabJackie A. Nelson

Filbey LaboratoryFrancesca M. Filbey

Foreign Accent Syndrome (FAS)Diane Garst M. Walsh, William F. Katz

Functional Neuroimaging of Memory (fNIM) LaboratoryMichael D. Rugg


Healthy Development Project LaboratoryShayla C. Holub

Hearing Health LabLinda K. Thibodeau


Infant Learning Project LaboratoryMelanie J. Spence


Kennedy Neuroimaging of Aging and Cognition (KNAC) LabKristen M. Kennedy


Lab for Auditory & Integrative NeuroscienceSven M. O. Vanneste

Language and Literacy LaboratoryAnne E. van Kleeck

Language in MotionLisa A. Goffman

Lifespan Neuroscience and Cognition (LiNC) LaboratoryChandramallika Basak


Mathematical Analyses of Artificial Neural Networks LaboratoryRichard M. Golden

Memory and Statistical Method LabHervé Abdi

Motor and Habit Learning LabCatherine Thorn

Music Perception and Cognition (MPaC) LaboratoryW. Jay Dowling


Neurobiology of Memory LaboratoryChrista K. McIntyre Rodriguez

Neuroimmunology and Behavior LabMichael D. Burton

NeuroPsychometric Research (NPR) LaboratoryBart P. Rypma


Pain Neurobiology Research GroupGreg Dussor, Thedodore J. Price

Park Aging Mind LaboratoryDenise C. Park

The Personality and Interpersonal Relationships (PAIR) LaboratoryRobert A. Ackerman

Ploski LaboratoryJonathan E. Ploski

Preverbal Communication Projects LaboratoryRobert D. Stillman


Reasoning LabDaniel C. Krawczyk


The Schizophrenia and Social Cognition LabAmy E. Pinkham

Social Communication LabPamela R. Rollins

Speech Disorders & Technology LabJun Wang

Speech, Language, Cognition and Communication LabThomas F. Campbell, Christine A. Dollaghan

Speech Perception Research LaboratoryPeter F. Assmann

Speech Production LabWilliam F. Katz


Texas Pain Research ConsortiumGreg Dussor, Thedodore J. Price

Text Comprehension and Memory Research LaboratoryRichard M. Golden

Think LabCandice M. Mills