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Emergency Plans

The University of Texas at Dallas Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) establishes policies, procedures and an organizational structure to handle a significant emergency on or near the campus.

The plan is updated frequently and incorporates the National Incident Management System through the use of the Incident Command System to facilitate coordination with federal, state and local authorities and emergency responders. Using the Incident Command System in the Emergency Operations Plan will help streamline efforts among federal, state and local agencies. The Incident Command System has specific terminology, command structure, communication and action plans aimed at improving coordination and efficiency across all disciplines.

The purpose of the plan is to protect the lives of UTD students, faculty, staff and visitors, and to protect the environment. University personnel and equipment will be used to support health and safety services, protect university property and assets as well as maintain core university services. The plan also addresses methods to assess damages and restore general campus operations within a short timeframe.

For more information call 972.883.2420.

Updated: September 24, 2014