Academic Senate

The Academic Senate is the principal representative body in the faculty governance system of The University of Texas at Dallas. It consists of not less than ten percent of the general faculty, elected annually. It has primary responsibility in matters related to the curriculum and general academic policy, and it works closely with the administration in other areas of university life.


Speaker of the Faculty

Ravi Prakash (ECS)

  • 972-883-2289

Secretary of the Faculty

Bill Hefley (JSOM)

  • 972-883-5006

Vice Speakers of the Faculty

Murray J. Leaf (EPPS)

  • 972-883-2732

Richard Scotch (EPPS)

  • 972-883-2922

Academic Governance Secretary

Christina McGowan

  • 972-883-4791

Senate Members

Faculty Members are selected each year by the voting members of the General Faculty.

Council Members

Each spring the new Senate elects no more than one-third of its members to serve on the Academic Council, which sets the agenda for the Senate. The Academic Council meets the first Wednesday of every month.


There are Committees reporting to the Academic Senate and University Wide Committees.

Senate Committees
University Wide Committees




Updated: November 21, 2018