Political Science

“I attribute much of my success in EPPS to the amazing professors I have had. I am continuously grateful and amazed at the amount of support I have received, and I think that this support, along with being active and involved on campus, has helped me to be successful.” — Nancy Fairbank

The political science program focuses on the study of citizenship, government and politics. Students learn about the role of government in a just society, the nature of democracy and different democratic institutions throughout the world. They also study the influence of globalization on developed and developing countries; the means by which citizens seek to influence government and public policy; the inner workings of Congress, the Supreme Court and other institutions; and strategic interaction among nation-states.

Political science faculty members believe in the public value of advancing knowledge and understanding of citizenship, governance and politics. They have edited The American Journal of Political Science, Electoral Studies and Political Research Quarterly. Three faculty members have received the Chancellor's Award, one has received the President's Outstanding Teaching Award, and three have received the UT System Regents' Outstanding Teaching Award. Three faculty members are directors of the University Pre-Law Program, the University Honors Program (Collegium V), and the Texas Politics Center.

Political Science degrees prepare students for local, state, national or international positions in academe, business, government, nonprofit organizations, or electoral or legislative politics.

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