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The University of Texas at Dallas
Graduate Admissions

Student Affairs

The Division of Student Affairs, under the direction of the Vice President for Student Affairs, offers a variety of student services and programs to enhance the educational experience of all enrolled students.

Career Center

The Career Center offers services to help students prepare for their careers and internships, including career counseling, career and job search workshops, job and internship fairs and electronic job listings and resume referrals. For additional information call (972) 883-2943 or go to

Center for Student Involvement

The Center for Student Involvement (CSI) helps UT Dallas students become more connected to campus life. CSI provides programming and services for student organizations and for students interested in participating in the many activities at UT Dallas. Visit us in the Student Union (SU2.506) or on the web at

Child Care Center

The Dallas International School (DIS) and UT Dallas jointly provide evening child care. Parents who attend classes are eligible for child care services during their class hours for children ages 4 to 11. Child care hours are from 4:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m., Monday-Thursday. To register your child/children for the child care program please complete each of the forms in the enrollment packet.  Call 972-883-6391 to have a packet sent to you, or pick one up in the Student Services Building, 4.400.

Comet Card

The Comet Card is the official University identification card for all students, faculty, and staff. The Comet Card allows the use of campus facilities and services and offers an optional campus account for on-campus purchases and payments. The card can also be linked to a Wells Fargo checking account and used as an ATM/PIN-debit card. Cards are issued through the Comet Center located in the Student Union. Call (972) 883-2495 or go to for information.

Comet Center

The Comet Center, located on the second floor of the Student Union, is the UT Dallas information hub. Students can pick up Comet Cards and DART passes or purchase postage stamps and discount tickets to movies, museums and other local attractions. See for more information.

Dean of Students

The Dean of Students provides leadership in the development, overall management and supervision of student organizations and activities and serves as an information/referral source for students needing assistance in any situation. The Dean of Students Office is in the Student Services Building, SSB4.400, and can be contacted at 972-883-6391 or on the web at

Student AccessAbility

The Office of Student AccessAbility ensures that qualified students with documented disabilities have an equal opportunity to participate in educational, recreational and social activities at UT Dallas. Students with disabilities are urged to contact Student AccessAbility as soon as they are admitted to the University. Student AccessAbility is located in the Student Services Building, SSB 3.200 and can be contacted at 972-883-2098 or on the web at

Fraternity and Sorority Life

UT Dallas is home to 15 national Greek fraternities and sororities that provide students with opportunities for friendship, guidance, service and leadership. For more information call 927-883-6158 or go to

Intercollegiate Athletics

UT Dallas is a member of the NCAA Division III American Southwest Conference. The UT Dallas athletic program include men’s and women’s soccer, golf, basketball, tennis, and cross country, men’s baseball, women’s softball, and women’s volleyball teams. Graduate students are able to participate only if their undergraduate degree is from UT Dallas and they still have NCAA eligibility remaining. Administrative offices are located in the Activity Center.  For additional information call (972) 883-4490 or go to

International Student Services

The International Student Services Office (ISSO) houses the International Student Programs and International Student Advising for the international student population at UT Dallas.  International Student Services organizes on- and off-campus programs which allow international students to be a part of a variety of US cultural experiences, as well as educational events for US students wanting to participate in multicultural activities.  International Student Services also provides immigration information for F and J students through seminars, individual student appointments, and other outreach activities to provide students with information affecting their status.  The International Student Services office may be contacted by calling (972) 883-4189, and more information can be found at

Judicial Affairs

A part of the Dean of Students Office, the Office of Judicial Affairs promotes academic integrity and is responsible for investigating allegations of scholastic dishonesty and implementing the discipline process. More information can be found at or by calling 972-883-6333.

Leadership Education and Development

Non-credit leadership classes, offered through the Student Development Office, help students to develop and enhance competence and self-knowledge as it pertains to leadership in a global society. For more information call 972-883-2242 or go to

Living Learning Communities

Living Learning communities allow small groups of freshmen who share common academic objectives, goals, and interests to develop a support network with other students, peer advisors and faculty/staff members. Communities are built around academic interests with a faculty or staff advisor who facilitates distinctive academic and social opportunities that help students extend their learning beyond the classroom. For more information call 972-883-5246 or go to

New Student Programs

New Student Programs offers orientations, counseling, peer support and other resources to get new students off to a strong start at UT Dallas. For more information call 972-883-6171 or go to

Comet Families

Comet Families is an avenue for family members and parents of UT Dallas students to get information about the campus and be involved in their student’s campus experience. For more information call 972-883-6171 or go to

Recreational Sports

Recreational Sports provides UT Dallas students with diverse recreational programs to enhance their overall educational experience. Recreational facilities include a state-of-the-art fitness center, racquetball courts, squash courts, basketball courts, a multi-purpose room, an indoor swimming pool, sand volleyball courts, soccer fields, tennis courts, softball fields and baseball fields. Recreational Sports also offers students opportunities to participate in a variety of intramural and club sports, group exercise and non-credit courses. For additional information call (972) 883-2096 or go to

Residential Life

Residential Life and its student-support team of Peer Advisors are committed to seeing that every resident student has a safe, comfortable and welcoming environment in which to live and learn. For more information call 972-883-5361 or go to

Spirit Squads

Temoc is the official mascot of UT Dallas and works with the UT Dallas Cheerleaders and Power Dancers, the Crush Crew and the Pep Band to build school spirit, promote community and cheer the Comets on to victory (

Student Counseling Services

The Student Counseling Center is staffed by psychologists, counselors, and part-time staff psychiatrist who are available to help students with personal and interpersonal problems. Services include individual counseling for personal or educational concerns, marital/family counseling, group counseling, crisis counseling and stress reduction, and special workshops/programs relevant to student needs. In addition, a personal development book and tape library is available and materials may be checked out.

All counseling services and records are held confidential to the extent permitted by law and are governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the Texas Open Records Act, and Article 5561(h), Vernon’s Annotated Texas Civil Statutes. The Student Counseling Center is located in the Student Services Building, SSB 4.600 For more information call (972) 883-2575 or go to

Student Government

Student Government is the official representative body and voice of UT Dallas students. Students have the opportunity to participate through serving on committees, running for office, or voting in elections. Student Government provides many free services for students, including legal counsel, an online book exchange, and the Comet Discount Program.  Further information may be obtained from the Student Government Offices in the Student Union (SU2.604), by calling (972) 883-2284, or by going to

Student Health Center

The Student Health Center offers routine medical treatment to all currently enrolled students who have paid their tuition and are attending classes. Services include diagnosis and treatment of acute illnesses and injuries, general medical problems, gynecological problems, treatment of stabilized chronic illnesses, and limited immunizations. Care providers include Nurse Practitioners and a Staff Physician. While there is no direct cost for most services, there are charges for laboratory services, medication and specific procedures provided for individual students. All services or treatment obtained from facilities other than the Student Health Center are the responsibility of the individual student. The staff at the Student Health Center can make referrals as appropriate.

Information about bacterial meningitis is available upon request at the Student Health Center and is also distributed in Orientation packets, on the graduate and undergraduate applications for admission to the University, and in The UTD Mercury, at the beginning of each semester.

All medical services and records are held confidential to the extent permitted by law and are governed by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the Texas Open Records Act, and Article 5561(h), Vernon’s Annotated Texas Civil Statutes. The Student Health Center is located in the Student Services Building, SSB4.700 Call (972)883-2747 for more information or go to

Immunization Requirements

We encourage all students to be current on their immunizations. We do not currently have immunization requirements other than mandatory tuberculosis (TB) skin testing for students born outside the United States. This is a pre-matriculation (pre-enrollment) requirement. Students born outside the United States are required to have and present original documentation of a TB skin test or chest x-ray to rule out TB, that has been performed within 3 (three) months of registration, prior to being able to register. A Hepatitis B vaccination is required for students enrolled in a course of study that involves potential exposure to human or animal blood or bodily fluids in accordance with Texas Education Code, Section 51.933.For more information, please visit

Beginning Jan. 1, 2012, all Texas college students must receive a vaccination or booster against bacterial meningitis.

The vaccine is required for students of public and private colleges, living both on and off campus.

Students who are enrolled in online courses or who are 30 years of age or older are exempt. An entering student is a new student or a student who has had a break of enrollment for one or more fall or spring semesters. Transfer students are considered entering students.

The student, or parent or guardian of the student, must provide a certificate signed by a health practitioner or an official immunization record showing the student has received the bacterial meningitis vaccination or booster during the five-year period prior to enrollment, and not less than 10 days before the first day of classes. Questions concerning the bacterial meningitis requirement should be directed to the Office of the Registrar, 972-883-2342.

Student Health Insurance

The University of Texas at Dallas Student Health Insurance Office, under the direction of the Student Health Center, provides unique and confidential health insurance advising services for UT Dallas students. Health insurance is available to all students at UT Dallas and is required of all international students (students who are not US Citizens, US Permanent Residents, Asylees, Refugees or undocumented aliens). All international students are assessed the Student Health Insurance (SHI) fee at the time of registration for classes. Contact the Student Health Insurance Office for more information at 972-883-2747 or on the web at

Student Media

The award-winning student newspaper of UT Dallas, The UTD Mercury, publishes bi-weekly on Mondays throughout the school year. The newspaper offers paid positions for writers, editors, page designers and photographers (

Radio UTD, the student-run internet radio station, features an eclectic and freeform mix of music and original programming including talk, poetry and live coverage of UT Dallas sports. College Music Journal nominated Radio UTD as one of the best internet radio stations in the United States (

A Modest Proposal, a student publication that focuses on student life, global politics, arts, events, and social commentary, publishes eight editions during the fall and spring semesters each year (

UTD TV, a web-based television station, was launched in 2009. It provides a new medium for broadcasting news, entertainment shows and other content produced by students, staff and faculty (

Student Organizations

Registered student organizations provide the major means by which students can contribute to campus life while developing friendships, interests, talents, and leadership skills. These groups include academic and honor groups, service clubs, religious groups, ethnic groups, and special interest groups. Detailed information on current groups and guidelines for forming new organizations are available on the web at, in the Center for Student Involvement in the Student Union (SU2.506), or by calling (972) 883-6223.

Student Union

The Student Union is a place for students to hang out, grab a bite to eat and just relax. Open seven days a week, it includes a TV lounge, study lounges, pool tables, ping-pong tables, a video arcade, the Comet Café, The Pub and a number of meeting rooms that can be reserved for organization meetings (

Student Union and Activities Advisory Board (SUAAB)

SUAAB is a group of student leaders dedicated to programming social, diverse and educational events to enhance the student experience.  Events coordinated by SUAAB include the annual Homecoming Dance, Casino Night, Springapalooza, movies, comedians, concerts, pep rallies and more (

Student Volunteerism

The Student Volunteerism Program offers students a variety of opportunities to lend their time and talents in service to the communities of UT Dallas, North Central Texas and beyond. Programs include Alternative Spring Break, Service Saturdays and Viva Volunteer among others. The Office of Student Volunteerism is located in the Student Services Building, SSB4.500 and can be contacted at (972) 883-6393 or on the web at

Student Wellness Center

            The Student Wellness Center promotes health, fitness and responsible personal choices among UT Dallas students through educational programs, resources and individual consultations.  Programs include alcohol and other drug awareness, sexual responsibility, nutrition and fitness, men’s and women’s health.  Student Wellness programming is presented to students throughout the year on many health topics such as HIV, STD’s, nutrition, alcohol/drug abuse. The Student Wellness Center is located in the Student Services Building, SSB4.500, and can be contacted at 972-83-4275 or on the web at

Transfer Student Services

The Transfer Student Services Office provides support to new and returning transfer students to ensure their successful transition into UT Dallas. The Transfer Student Services Office is located in the Student Services Building, SSB4.500 and can be contacted at (972) 883-6204 or on the web at

Nondiscrimination Policy

The University is committed to a policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of age, color, disability, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, or veteran status in its provision of services, activities, and programs, and in its treatment of students. Students seeking further information about this policy, or related complaint procedures for alleged discrimination or sexual harassment should contact the Dean of Students at (972) 883-6391. 


Last Updated: June 21, 2012