Dr. Yun Chiu

Erik Jonsson Distinguished Professor of Engineering

Electrical Engineering Department

University of Texas at Dallas

Texas Analog Center of Excellence

Phone: (972) 883-5557

E-Mail: chiu.yun@utdallas.edu

Address: ECSN 3.602,

800 W Campbell Rd, EC37,

Richardson, TX 75080-3021

Administrative Assistant:

Donna Kuchinski

Phone: (972) 883-5556

Fax: (972) 883-5550


What’s happening

Ben's TI-ADC work has been accepted by the VLSI Symposium 2016!

Shuang and Amy's work on a smart ECG sensor AFE with MARS has been accepted by ISQED 2016!

Bo's paper on a SAR-assisted CT ΔΣ ADC has been accepted by ISSCC 2016! Congrats!

Hai's paper on a high-speed SAR ADC has been accepted by A-SSCC 2015!

Hongda's work on LOF-based sequence detection for LAr Calorimeter signal processing has been accepted by NSS 2015!

Ling's work on a radiation-tolerant SAR ADC has been accepted by TWEPP 2015!

Shuang's paper on a time-domain folding ADC has been accepted by CICC 2015!

Amy's work on motion-artifact tracking and compensation for EEG interface has been accepted for IEEE SPMB 2014!

Bo received the Intel/Texas Instruments/Catalyst Foundation CICC Student Scholarship Award for his TDC paper being one of the highest rated student papers submitted to CICC! Congrats!

Hongda's paper on signal detection for particle experiments has been accepted by NSS14!

Hongda's work on irradiation testing of SAR ADC has been accepted for oral presentation at TWEPP 2014!

Bo's paper on a RNS TDC has been accepted by CICC 2014!

Bo's paper on a CMOS BPF with over 30dBm IIP3 has been accepted by CICC 2014!

Amy will present her work on motion-artifact rejection and stabilization (MARS) for bioelectronic interface circuits at SRC TECHCON 2014!

Sudi will present his invited paper on digital calibration of split ADC at MWSCAS 2014!

Yuan will present his work on digital calibration of two-step SAR ADC at VLSI Symposium 2014!

Dr. Chiu will chair the Circuits Short Course II "Advanced Data Converter and Mixed-Signal Circuit Design" at the 2014 Symposium on VLSI Circuits in Hawaii!

Dr. Chiu will travel to Melbourne, Australia to deliver a tutorial "Advanced Digital Calibration Techniques for Data Converters" at the 2014 International Conference on Circuits and Systems (ISCAS)!

Wenbo's CICC 2012 paper titled "A 12-bit 50-MS/s 3.3-mW SAR ADC with Background Digital Calibration" has received the Best Regular Paper Award from CICC. Congrats!

Hongda's paper on optimal filtering of pileup noise has been accepted by NSS13!

Gary's FPGA emulation paper has been accepted by CICC13!

Yuan will present an invited paper on nonlinear calibration of pipelined SAR ADC at the 2013 International Midwest Symposium on Circuits and Systems!

Dr. Chiu will travel to Bremen, Germany to chair a special invited session on ADC circuits at the 10th International Conference on Sampling Theory and Applications, 2013!

Ben's paper on skew calibration of time-interleaved ADC has been accepted by ISCAS 2013!

Ben and Sudi will receive the Analog Devices Outstanding Student Designer Award at ISSCC 2013!

Amy will present her work on calibration of interface characteristic variation in EEG acquisition system in IEEE EMBS Dallas First Annual Texas Medical Device Symposium!

Hao and Gary will present their work on FPGA emulation for fast verification of adaptive AMS circuits in International Workshop on Design Automation for Analog and Mixed-Signal Circuits at ICCAD’12!

Wenbo's SAR paper has been accepted by CICC12!

Seungchul is graduating w/ a PhD in August 2012! Congrats!

Seungchul's work on digital calibration of nonlinear memory errors in sigma-delta ADC has been accepted by VLSI Symposium 2012!

Wenbo's SAR ADC paper was the top read JSSC article in November 2011!

Yuan and Bo will receive the Analog Devices Outstanding Student Designer Award at ISSCC 2012!

Max has won the UT Dallas Undergraduate Research Scholar Award!

Pingli passed her final exam and will be graduating w/ a PhD in December 2011! Congrats!

Wenbo is graduating w/ a PhD in December 2010! Congrats!

The TxACE Analog & Mixed-Signal Lab is up and running.

Dr. Chiu presented at the 2010 TxACE Symposium on the topic of Recent Advances in Signal Processing Techniques for Analog Integrated Circuits.

Peiyuan presented his paper on frequency compensation techniques for active-RC elliptic filter design at CICC 2010 in San Jose, CA.

Szukang presented Pingli's paper on digital skew calibration of SHA-less pipelined ADC at CICC 2010 in San Jose, CA.

Pingli received the Intel/CICC Student Scholarship Award from CICC 2010. Her accepted paper on SHA-less pipelined ADC was one of the highest rated student papers submitted.

Fall 2015 course(s)

Dr. Chiu's research interests are in the design of energy-efficient, highly integrated analog-digital interface ICs, encompassing data converters (ADC, DAC), amplifiers and filters, RF transmitter and receiver front-ends, power electronics, bio-electronic interfaces, and detector front-end electronics for particle/nuclear experiments. His recent focus is on developing signal-processing algorithms and post-fabrication error-correction techniques to address high-performance analog, mixed-signal, and RF IC design and power-consumption challenges in scaled CMOS technology.

About Dallas area

Dallas/Fort Worth is the fourth largest metropolitan area in US. Often dubbed "the Silicon Valley of the South," it is a rapidly growing semiconductor, finance, energy, transportation, electronics and trade center of North America.

The area has "a vibrant university and research community, a talented pool of workers and strong business community," said the Acting U.S. Commerce Secretary Rebecca Blank in a press release when Dallas was selected to be one of the first four United States Patent and Trademark Office satellite in July 2012 (the other three are San Jose, Denver and Detroit).

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