Instrumentation List


Nano Characterization Lab


DualBeam Nova 200 Nanolab


Cryotransfer System


JEM-2100F Imaging TEM


JEM-2100F Field Emission EM

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UTD Animal Facility


Olympus IX-71 Microscope


PTI Fluorescence Spectroscopy System


Cell Incubator


Brookhaven Dynamic Light Scattering


Biological Hood


Fluorescent Raman Microscopy


Multicolor Excitation Emission Microscopic Imaging System


Super Resolution Microscopic System


In Vivo Fluorescence Imaging System


Multimodality In Vivo Imaging System


ICP Mass Spectrometer


Atomic Absorption Spectrometer


Link to Nano Characterization Lab
Olympus IX-71 Microscope Setup
PTI Fluorometer with Lifetime and Steady States Spectroscopy
Cell Incubator
Brookhaven Dynamic Light Scattering System
Biological Hood
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