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Four dynamic decades ago, The University of Texas at Dallas began as a collection of research stations in a North Texas cotton field. Founded at the dawn of the Information Age and steeped in science and technology, the University has been more intent on creating the future than on preserving its history.

This website, launched in 2009 during the University's celebration of its 40th year, is intended to address the growing sense within the University community that capturing our history is not only a matter of sentiment and reminiscence, but also important to helping navigate our way forward. Our history has something to tell us today about the kind of University we will be tomorrow.

When you're moving fast (as UT Dallas always has), you're bound to travel light. So if some relevant historical detail is not found here, it is probably a reflection of the nature of a youthful institution's disregard for archiving. This site isn't a complete record of University history. But this site is intended, through presentation of available images, recordings and facts, to reflect what is known officially about the beginnings of UT Dallas, and also to capture more of the University's history.

You can help. If you have stories, reminiscences, photographs or other items to share, please go to the Add Your Chapter link and submit your memories, scanned photos, or a brief description of items of interest.

And, just like UT Dallas, this site has a focus on the future. As the University approaches its 50th anniversary in 2019, expect further additions to the timeline and other features of the site.

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