Pay Library Fines


Discover Your Fine

Use your Discover account to track your library fine and overdue items. Before payment, you’ll need to:


Return all overdue items.

This stops the late fine from growing, and reflects the correct amount on your account


Check your fine amount

You will need to know this information to pay your fine

Go To Discover



Pay Your Fine

Bursar’s Office – SSB 2.300

Bring your receipt to the Services Desk to check out items the same day.



Note, the University Marketplace only accepts one payment from the same card each day.

Pay Online



Contact Us

Circulation Services
[email protected]


University Holds

University holds due to library fines may take 1-2 business days to lift.


Wrongful Fine?

Let us know – if an error has been made, we will correct it.

Appeal A Fine

Page Last Updated: February 14, 2020