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“It's always so much better going to sleep at night knowing that that day you made a positive impact, however big or small, on someone else's life. Volunteering grants you a certain sense of peace and happiness you can't find anywhere else.”

— Zarifa Barkatullah, OSV Leader

“Volunteers see the benefits to themselves and not just to the organization, after volunteering or just doing a good deed.”

— Jacob Guerra, OSV Leader

“While financial giving does help people, giving your time to serve others has the ability to make an even larger impact on individuals and the community as a whole. There are so many areas of need near UTD that could be greatly helped by a few people giving their time.”

— Amanda, Karasic, OSV Leader

“Service means bonding with like-minded people to give back to a community that has done so much for us. This commitment can mean a lot to both the people making a change, and the people whose lives are changed as a result.”

— Vidya Mohanraj, OSV Leader

“Volunteering isn't just a way to give back to a community. It's an opportunity to learn more about the community, and also about yourself as a person.”

— Justine Sheu, OSV Leader

"Volunteering is amazing in that it has a butterfly effect. No matter what you do, others can be inspired by your words and actions to serve in their own way. In turn, their service inspires other and this mentality continues to spread forever."

— Lynn Vu, OSV Leader

“I really love volunteering because it allows you to connect with your community and make an impact on it. I find community service to be both relaxing and energizing; it's one of my favorite ways to take my mind off of my own needs and wants and to focus on others.”

— Lilian Zhan, OSV Leader

OSV Staff

Monalisa Amidar

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Program Coordinator
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Aaron Koehler

Program Coordinator
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Sarai Osorto

Administrative Assistant II
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OSV Student Leaders

The mission of the OSV Student Leadership Program is to train students to actively engage in, support and promote volunteerism and community service. Through this program, OSV Student Leaders learn to effectively coordinate and facilitate a broad range of on and off campus service projects throughout the year for UT Dallas students, as well as provide resources for students to learn more about how to respond to the needs of our neighbors in the Dallas county and surrounding communities.

Zarifa Barkatullah

Zarifa is a healthcare management major. Her most memorable volunteer experience was Day of Dignity with IRUSA to distribute food, clothing, blankets, medical care and other services to the homeless. Fun Fact: Zarifa reads and writes fanfiction.

Jacob Guerra

Jacob is a biology major, studying to attend pharmacy school. His most memorable volunteering experience was his Alternative Spring Break trip to Memphis, Tennessee where he helped several Memphis organizations with horticulture work. Fun Fact: When music is playing (and sometimes when it is not), he may be seen tapping his fingers or feet and occasionally tapping a whole drum set ensemble.

Amanda Karasic

Amanda is a neuroscience major with a minor in child development and plans to attend medical school after graduating. Her most memorable service experience was volunteering with children in the CCBD (Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders) at Children's Health in Dallas. Fun Fact: Amanda once tried to learn how to juggle, but unfortunately was not coordinated enough for the skill.

Quang Le

Quang is majoring in molecular biology, and he is planning to go to medical school in the future. Quang’s most memorable service experience was ASB Spring 2016 when he volunteered at a camp for children with special needs. Fun Fact: Quang practices calligraphy.

Vidya Mohanraj

Vidya is an accounting major and plans to pursue her master's degree in accounting after graduating. Her most memorable service experience was volunteering with Dallas CITYSCAPE and teaching children about the history of Dallas through Lego adaptations of the city's landmarks. Fun Fact: Vidya has a fear of heights and plans to overcome it by volunteering at a treetop adventure camp this summer.

Vivian Nguyen

Vivian is a molecular biology major and plans on attending medical school after graduating. Her most memorable service experience was planting different types of trees at UTD on Texas Arbor Day. Fun Fact: Vivian loves learning new Hindi words from her friends.

Jermaine Phua

Jermaine is double majoring in finance and psychology, and plans to be a certified financial planner in the future. Her most memorable volunteer experience was her Alternative Spring Break trip to Galveston, Texas where she helped to paint posters, plant grass knee deep in mud, and do environmental clean-up. Fun Fact: Jermaine loves playing cards, and you can find her trying to ninja throw playing cards in your general direction.

Justine Sheu

Justine is studying molecular biology and plans to attend medical school after graduating college. Her favorite service experience was spending one month volunteering as an English teacher for elementary school kids in rural Taiwan. Fun Fact: She enjoys traveling and her excellent sense of direction has led many of her friends to suggest an alternate career as a taxi driver.

Lauren Slagle

Lauren decided she wanted to join the OSV team after she had such an incredible time volunteering at Heifer Ranch during Alternative Spring Break. Lauren is currently a biology major and will continue her education to become a physical therapist. Fun Fact: Lauren not only enjoys biology, but also dance. She has recently become a performing arts minor!

Lynn Vu

Lynn is pursuing a double major in neuroscience and child development with the hopes of attending medical school. Her most memorable volunteer experience was helping with newborns and patients in the postpartum department of her local hospital. Fun Fact: Lynn has many nerdy obsessions which currently include Marvel, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and Harry Potter.

Lilian Zhan

Lilian is majoring in biomedical engineering and plans to attend medical school after graduating. Her most memorable volunteering experience was serving as a counselor at Camp Summit, a sleep-away camp for kids and adults with disabilities. Fun Fact: Lilian loves to travel and plans to visit Europe in the future.

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